Chapter 35: Allegiance

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I hope you all enjoy this chapter! I do apologize if it's not a lot but I wanted to focus on some details and give you a more personal look at Phoenix! Please enjoy!

The morning light creeped over the horizon as Phoenix watched, his mind a million miles away.

His thoughts kept drifting over to the attack and despite his best efforts, he couldn't get rid of the gruesome images; his pack under siege, his people falling, shot by arrows and bullets. Human invading his home, killing without a thought, all at the behest of a madman.

Leanna shifted in her sleep, drawing him out of his dark thoughts. He glanced down at her, his body relaxing a bit. His eyes scanned over her face, taking in the bags beneath her eyes, her cracked lips, her pale skin. She was wearing herself thin and it destroyed him. He didn't want her to feel like she was solely shouldering the weight of the pack.

Kissing her forehead, he slipped out the bed and headed over to the closet, pulling on a pair of jeans and brushing his teeth before heading downstairs.

Fifty cots were laid out across the two living rooms and the dining room and most of the wolves were asleep. Those who were awake were in the kitchen grabbing breakfast.

"Alpha," Maire's voice was nearly unrecognizable, and he turned to her.

She had a disheveled appearance which was unlike her. Her dark hair was loose around her shoulders and her dark eyes were downcast and rimmed red.

"What's wrong?" His voice was filled with concern.

"We need to speak."

He nodded and turned the corner, heading for his office. Locking the door behind them, he moved toward the desk and poured a drink.


"Please," she sighed, running a hand through her hair.

He placed the drink in front of her and sat on the couch, "What's going on?"

Maire looked up at him, despondent. "Thaddeus, I'd say I see you as a brother. We've seen the worst this pack can do and the best. We've experienced loss, heartache, pain. We've spent the last two hundred years hidden away, tucked behind a shield from the outside world. We are strong but we haven't seen an attack of this magnitude since..."

"Maisie," Phoenix's voice was hoarse as he finished his drink.

The Beta nodded, "Yes. We have always prided ourselves on our strength, our will. But that attack, the other night, it's broken our spirits. The wolves are doubting themselves and frankly, I doubt myself as well. These humans have invaded our land, undetected, twice now and killed nearly a hundred wolves. A Luna's life hangs in the balance. They need their Alpha and the only thing they've seen the last day and a half is their Luna, bleeding with a bullet wound, practically killing herself to care for those who were injured. They need a reason not to lose hope and right now, there isn't one."

"Shit," Phoenix let out a shaky laugh, running a hand through his hair. "Am I really doing that bad of a job?"

Maire shook her head, "You're an amazing Alpha most of the time but disappearing like that, where no one could find you when we needed you most... That was awfully shitty of you."

"You know I'm the Alpha, right?" He raised an eyebrow and she sat up straight, a challenge in her eyes.

"And you know, as your Beta, I'm supposed to guide you. How do I help you if I'm not telling you when you fuck up royally?"

He sighed, "Point taken."

Pouring himself another drink, he took a swig, "This is getting serious, Maire."

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