Chapter 2

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T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx

Song Lie's father's heart tightened: "It's really our fault to back away from the marriage but we promise to give you five million Yuan. Your oral engagement with Song Lie will be over."

In the eyes of Song Lie's father, it's a great favor for people like Ye Zhi who had no background to get the five million Yuan as compensation.

Ye Zhi smiled. The Song family implied this as if by not agreeing to withdraw from the marriage, she was too ignorant to miss out on the huge favor.

Ye Zhi looked at his father and asked, "Uncle Song, who offered to marry both of us first?"

The face of Song Lie's father turned ashen white immediately. It was indeed him who took the initiative but after seeing that Ye Zhi was the only one left in the Ye family, he planned to force Ye Zhi to agree to withdraw from the marriage.

Ye Zhi asked, "Who promised to take good care of me with my parents?"

The Song family was silent.

Ye Zhi stabbed them again and said, "The Song family's ability to go back on their words really impressed me."

The next second, Ye Zhi turned around and said: "However, this marriage can be withdrawn and I don't plan to take your five million at all."

Hearing Ye Zhi's promise to withdraw from the marriage, the Song family was relieved. Ye Zhi turned around and looked at Song Lie. Her dark eyes stared at Song Lie.

"Song Lie, I have to say that it's really a surprise that you proposed to withdraw."

Song Lie was stunned and couldn't understand what Ye Zhi meant: "What?"

Ye Zhi looked at Song Lie's face and said seriously: "Your looks are OK but not the best. You may be popular but when the entertainment circle selects the list of top handsome men, you will never be part of it."

Song Lie: "???"

His high popularity and handsome face seemed to be worthless in Ye Zhi's eyes.

Song Lie wanted to say something in retaliation but when he looked at Ye Zhi's flawless face, he could not refute it.

Ye Zhi continued to pour cold water: "It's been a few years since you debuted and you've been praised by fans but never won any award. You'd better wake up earlier."

Song Lie finally couldn't help it. Angrily, he said, "Ye Zhi!"

Ye Zhi said indifferently, "When I was about to get married to you, it was equivalent to be tied up by heavy chains. Now, I am free from a burden like you."

Song Lie's eyes widened incredulously. It was his proposal to withdraw from marriage. Why is it that he has no face now?

Ye Zhi thought of one thing. When the two families made an oral engagement, the Song family gave her a necklace. Ye Zhi picked up the necklace and threw it to Song Lie without hesitation.

Song Lie subconsciously reached out and caught it. He looked up and saw Ye Zhi's cold face.

Ye Zhi looked at Song Lie and calmly dropped a sentence: "Song Lie, always bear in mind. What you have done today made me despise you. You don't deserve me."

Song Lie clenched the necklace with a complicated face.

With that, Ye Zhi turned around and walked out of the Song family without turning back. Ye Zhi frankly agreed to withdraw from the marriage. As for the five million Yuan compensation of the Song family, she didn't ask for any money.

Ye Zhi's back was straight and thin. The sun illuminates her face, without any makeup, white and cold.

After Ye Zhi left the Song family's house, she was just about to take a taxi home. Before she could walk to the side of the road, several cars suddenly stopped her.

One was before her and the other was behind, leaving her no way to go. Obviously, the people who came here were up to no good.

Ye Zhi almost laughed because she still had the mood to recognize the brand of these cars. It's not bad to be surrounded by several Rolls-Royce on the street.

The doors opened neatly. Several men in black suits got out of the car and surrounded Ye Zhi from all directions. Even if Ye Zhi dared to call for help, these people would not let her voice out of the enclosure.

Ye Zhi first took a look at the location of the road and calculated the possibility of successfully beating down these men and running on the road to call for help.

Ye Zhi spent a second to consider before giving up and stood still waiting for the following action.

One of the men in black respectfully opened the door for Ye Zhi and made a gesture for her to get in "Miss Ye, please don't feel offended. Mr. Gu wants to talk to you."

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