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The interior of the house was intricately designed and extremely clean. Lee was the first in the house and just found the closes couch to lay down on, in a dry tone he muttered, "wake me up when you're done."

The older acknowledges this and waved the boy over towards him as he was still standing next to the entrance. Jeongguk nods and walked towards the male nervously. Taehyung smiled before showing him to all the rooms. Surprisingly most of the bedrooms were actually turned to storage rooms, closets or a fridge. Yeah imagine a room that was just a fridge. The boy could've never, but know he could. The room itself only included meat and maybe because of the visible confusion of the youngers face, the man answered, "its for the babies in the pond."

Jeongguk gulped quietly before nodding and waiting for the male to bring him into the last room. As they approached the door Taehyung began, "ah, he's inside, I'd like you to take good care of him while I'm away. Make sure you two get along well."

Before the door was even opened, scratching or clawing at the door could be heard. If this dude can have crocodiles just randomly hanging out in his front yard then what kind of dog does he have in there? Jeongguk's palms began to sweat and he chewed on his bottom lip cautiously, this crazy bastard would probably call a panther or wolf a cute puppy or kitten... he thought to himself before the door was slowly pushed opened by the older.

Not ready to face what was inside the room yet Jeongguk stood outside for a few seconds looking at the floor before the man inquired, "what's wrong? Come in."

Following obediently the younger took small strides and was finally hitting carpet with his steps. Still staring at the ground he suddenly heard a small high pitched bark. Hearing this, he instantly shifted his attention to the noise. It's a small dog... he was worrying for nothing...

Sighing in relief Jeongguk kneeled down and patted the carpet in front of him for the puppy to come over. The dog which was originally in Taehyung's grasp quickly jumped out and ran towards the younger. The older raised his eyebrows in surprise before chuckling, "he seems friendly with you, perfect."

Now that the puppy was right infront of Jeongguk, the boy pitched his voice softly and mumbled, "hello, I'm Jeonggukie, who are you?" Picking the dog up lightly in his arms he ran his fingers through the small fluff balls fur. Hearing this question, the male walked over to the younger and replies, "his name is Yeontan, i just call him tannie. Oh look he's wagging his tail... cute."

The boy smiled and placed the pup back onto the floor before standing up and questioning the older, "uh, since I'm staying here, where should i sleep?" This question caught Taehyung off guard, almost as if he hadn't thought of it before. The older placed his pointer finger near his chin as to think before making an "ah" sound, "you see... all the bedrooms had been turned to more useful rooms sooooo, uh just sleep in here. Ill have your room figured out when I return from china."

This wasn't the issue, the problem for the boy was, where on earth will he stay tonight then? Continuing to chew on his bottom lip nervously he flinched a little as he felt the break of the skin and blood slowly seeping into his mouth. The cut wasn't big and didn't really matter so Jeongguk continued to ask, "sir... where will i sleep tonight then? You'll still be here tonight won't you?"

The man who had sat down on his bed was waving for Yeontan to come over as he spoke, "you can just sleep here like I said, I wont kill you in your sleep or anything, I still need you to take care of Tannie~ oh tannie come here... stop running away from daddy!"

As Taehyung trying to get the puppy to come towards him, it instead ran for Jeongguk's legs and tried climbing up them. Seeing this, the younger bent down to pick Yeontan up causing the older to gasp because he believed that tannie had 'motion sickness'. When he saw that Yeontan didn't vomit onto the boys cloths the male gasped once more, "wow... he didn't throw up... you must be a dog whisperer or something, thank goodness i chose you over that 6'4" dude!"

After Taehyung explained to the younger what his job would be during this time, they headed downstairs to wake Lee up from his sleep. With Yeontan still in his arms, the younger had became pretty fond of the baby but couldn't help feeling the small stares he's getting from the older.

Taehyung on the other hand couldn't help being jealous because tannie was never so cold towards him, how could he ignore the hand that feed him ;;? The older thought to himself.

(Tannie savage, goo baby, taehyung dummy loan shark, lee best boy favorite cute adorable, crocodiles good boys and girls that monch on meat and people :D)

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