got7 || mark

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( Y/N ) POV
" Noona come and sit here.. " Bam Bam told me.....

I look at the spot Bam Bam told me to sit at and went over to him , they are eating after they had film an episode for Real Got7,
I joined them and started eating... I was sitting in the middle of Bam Bam and Jackson in a rectangle table and Mark was sitting at the sit opposite of mine but to the left...

sitting arrangement

JB. Bam Bam You Jackson

Young Jae Mark Jr. Yugyeom

" Noona Ahhh " Bam Bam said to me and told me to open my mouth while he inserted a wrap made with pork and lettuce in my mouth... To return his kind favor I return him with one and felt Mark looking at me, but I just ignore him as I knew he was jealous.... Half way through eating and feeding Bam Bam about 4 wraps made by me and none made for Mark, he got up and pull me to the make up room which have no one in it and closed the door... He started bombarding me with questions like
" Do you like Bam Bam more than me? "

and I replied with another question

" Are you jealous? "

he looked away and denied, I decided to tease him...
" Ouh so I am going back to making and feeding the wraps for Bam Bam and turned around, before I could walk a step Mark held my wrist and confess saying that he was jealous and pulled me in for a kiss and pulled out saying

" baby girl you are only mine.... you have to make the wraps for me not for Bam Bam not for Jackson but for me okay? "

"okay... aww you are so demanding and cute..."

I gave him a quick peck on the lips and walked out to the table and saw Jackson shifting his sit to where Mark is sitting and leaving his sit which is beside me for Mark... I went to sit down and started eating when Mark came and sit beside me opening his mouth and looking at the wrap I was making wanting to have a bite.... I put it in his mouth and cheering can be heard by the members and Bam Bam opening his mouth for a wrap like the one I made for Mark....

I giggled while Mark took a lettuce and stuff it in his mouth saying " Tell Jackson to make you one ( Y/N ) is taken.....


hope you guys like it

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