[Love and Tears] part 30.

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My banging worked! They had heard me below. What were they going to do to help me? Were they going to call the cops? Or just come and rescue me?

"Hello? Is anyone up there?" A masculine sounding man called from below.

"Yes! It's me! I'm trapped here!" I shouted, my voice shaking and sounding high-pitched.

"Have you tried the door?" He asked.

"Yes! I've tried everything but everythings locked!" I called back, wishing he'd just call the police or something instead of questioning me.

"What apartment are you in?" he called.

"I-I don't know! Everythings dark and I just don't know!" I wailed, wiping the tears furiously from my eyes. Why was I crying? I was being saved! Well I was in the process of being saved.

"Obviously she's in the apartment above," the mother said.

I gulped, not knowing what to respond. I wanted to sound nice so they would help me.

"Should we call the police?" he asked, but I wasn't sure whether he was talking to me or his wife so I stayed silent.

"Ofcourse! And then we'll go up there ourselves," she said bravely.

"But what if it's nothing big?"

"Bob, call the police!" she ordered 'bob.' There was silence for a while before I heard talking and I guessed it was into the phone.

"Yes. Police please. No it's not for me. I don't know! Can you just come to Stephendome flats please. Yes! No it can't wait! I don't know any details! Ok. Hurry."

I pulled my knees up to my chest. It was pretty cold in there. I tried my hardest to calm my breathing and make it as silent as possible.

The police had been called. I was going to be saved. How long were they going to be? Were baldy and his crew going to be back by then? I wish the police would come quicker.

I had no time to think about Jay or Christopher or mum or anyone, only Danielle and how I was going to kill her when I saw her! Why did she do this to me? It was her that owed these people money or whatever she owed.

That was the most evil thing that Danielle has ever done in her whole entire life; I've been in her life for most of it. When she slapped a boy and his mum. When she had an affair with a married man and told his wife and now he lives alone and has no acsess to his children. When she purposly ran across the road to get hit by a car because she was lacking attention. How she got rid of a living creature; her baby. And there were many more things. But this. It was the worst.

Was this set-up? All those years when Danielle was my bestfriend; was that all a lie? When she gave me advice and when she helped me out; was that just fake? When we were bestfriends for over 10 years; was that even real? Did she even like me? Was that the reason she came to see me; to set me up? I could only wonder and hope not as I waited for the police.

"I'm coming up!" he informed me. I let out a small cry of relief. Even though it was someone I had never met and didn't even know what looked like; I was still going to feel safe knowing somebody else was in the room with me. It sounds cheesy but I didn't want to be there, I wanted to be with Jay in his arms. I couldn't wait til I saw him again.

"Thank you!" I said, breathily, not loud enough for them to hear.

I rocked in my little ball, anxiety taking over. Where was he going to take me next? His flat? Or would he drive me to the hospital?

I looked around the room, but all in vain. It was extremly dark and could hardly make anything out. I couldn't even tell a difference as to whether my eyes were opened or not.

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