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AN:// Hi guys ! Welcome to Sounds of lust! This is my first story on wattpad and my first time writing an r-rated book. Don't forget to comment and Vote to let me know what you guys think and if i should continue this book ! Please Give it a try :)

"Please." I beg, biting down on my lower lip to stop myself from whimpering. He abruptly stops speaking into the phone and his piercing hazel-green eyes stare back at me."Yes Teresa baby, i'll remember to pick it up." He continues, as he thrusts harder into me.He quickly places his strong masculine hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming out in pleasure. The feeling is sensational and i bite down on his hand to stop myself from blowing our cover.As he speaks on the phone to his wife, my mind can't help but think how wrong this is.

Never in her short 19 years would Abela Andrews have thought that she would fall for her Hot Possessive neighbor. Leo Santoro is anything but laid back when it comes to his beautiful innocent Abela. But with Leo being married and 8 years older than Abela, Will he able to forget about her and focus on starting a family with his wife of 3 years Teresa? Or will he give in to this uncontrollable need to make Abela His ?

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