The Professor and Luke

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"Goldie! What have you done to Lucy?" Potty Prof barked, not a hint of Placid in him anymore.

"Well... I made her shut up, mah gosh, is it not obvious?" Goldie said, rolling her eyes.

"Give me Lucy and you'll get your blasted money." Potty Prof replied, cutting to the chase. He walked towards them, closing the door.

"Alright." She snapped her fingers and her suitors untied Lucy, pushing her towards him. He quickly caught her and Goldie pulled out a gun. "Now, be a good detective and hand me the money." Potty Prof grunted and was about to hand it over when the door burst open.

"If you do mind, I suggest you put the gun down." The person that came in was...

"Dad?!" Alfendi asked, surprised at the man who came in. He was wearing a top hat, dress pants, an orange shirt and to pull it off, a black jacket.

"Well, this is Miss Goldie."

"Who the hell are you? The detective's dad?" Goldie asked, now pointing the gun at the man.

"That was ungentlemanly not to tell you who I am. I am Hershel Layton." The man in the top hat said, smiling.

"That archeologist on the paper last time?" He nodded and Goldie rolled her eyes.

"And you're the one who has my boy's girlfriend." The Professor said, crossing his arms. The Prof, not Potty nor Placid started blushing profoundly, surprised at his statement.

"So? What are you going to do about that?" Goldie asked, holding the gun tightly.

"Luke, would you like to do the honors?" Behind Goldie's two brutes was Luke, The Professor's used-to-be-assistant, who quickly arrested them with handcuffs. Goldie also accidentally shot one of them in the shoulder, making it even easier.

"You only have one bullet, don't you?" Potty Prof asked, finally able to collect his thoughts.

"I didn't think I'd need after you gave the money." Goldie threw the gun out and started running to her escape route, only to be met with the Scotland Yard.

"Miss Goldie Potsby-Mahan, you are under are under arrest for kidnapping and for torturing Lucy Baker." The Commissioner stated and cuffed her.

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