Chapter Twenty

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:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::THE BIG TWENTY!!!!!::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 

Magical Ethics first… I was humming in excitement and anticipation, though I couldn’t begin to guess why; Alice would just make snappy comments and critisisms about my teaching, Alfie wouldn’t pay attention, and Eric would… be Eric.

Which sounded horrible.

So why was I so excited?

I entered the classroom as part of a big group of other students, and we all halted confusedly, seeing the desks and chairs hovering above us.

‘Err.. Miss?’ A blonde girl addressed a teacher who was sitting in a meditative, cross-legged position, beaming at us. I frowned, noticing that she was floating above the ground. ‘What do we sit on?’

‘Hello! I am Professor Lark, if you would please sit on the carpet, thank you!’ The woman was small-framed and bespectacled, and she had a wide, beaming smile.

I was forced to find a space along with the rest of the class when the group I had blended in with moved as well, and sighing resignedly, I walked over to a space by the window and sat cross-legged.

‘Now then, who knows how to do a hovering spell?’ Everyone raised their hands apart from me, and I cringed when the teacher’s eyes landed on me. ‘Oh! Are you new, dear?’

I nodded rapidly, hoping to avoid a scene.

‘Well, it’s quite simple, really, resto aer nave.

I widened my eyes when she gave me an expectant look. Surely she didn’t expect me to do the spell? Right here, in front of everyone!

‘Go on, dear.’

Everyone else was staring curiously at me, and, taking in a shuddering breath, I repeated the words she told me.

Suddenly, I felt myself spring up, as if I had just done an especially high jump on a trampoline. A wide smile leaped onto my face. I did it!

‘Well done, dear.’ The teacher congratulated, before continuing, ‘Now then, let’s talk about Vampire-Sorcerer relationships, and how the community views them...’

I couldn’t find it in myself to listen to what the teacher was saying, instead I revelled in the freedom that being in the air gave me.

Once, I even surreptitiously swiped my hand beneath me, as if checking that there wasn’t an invisible, solid object holding me off the ground.


The bell signified the end of the lesson, and as soon as I thought of getting down, I was gently lowered onto the carpet.

My grin stayed with me as I walked from the classroom, though it slipped into a small smile as I pulled out my planner and scanned the map, looking for the Human Studies department. After I found it, I walked quickly to where it showed it was, oddly impatient to find Alice.

‘Hey, Eve,’ Alice’s coolly controlled voice caused me to jolt halfway through opening the door. A guy behind me sighed impatiently and jerked in front of me, slipping through the now open door. ‘Why are you grinning like a retard?’

‘I did magic!’ I screamed, causing her to wince and roll her eyes.


I narrowed my own eyes at her, ‘What?’

She sighed and pushed me through the door, propelling me towards the back where Eric, Alfie and Ember were. ‘What’s so amazing about that? You were going to do it some time or another, so…’

My jaw dropped, ‘What do you mean? You were the one telling me that-’

Alice sighed and turned away from me, effectively cutting me off. I watched in disbelief as she struck up a conversation with Eric calmly.

Ember shot me a sympathetic look, before immediately looking forward.

I am not going to tutor someone this rude. Or someone – meaning Ember – who lets her get away with it.

Gritting my teeth, I picked up my bag and pushed myself out of the chair violently. Alice looked at me in apparent surprise, but disguised it by sneering at me. I rolled my eyes at her behaviour and sat down in the spare seat by Alfie.

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