Dirty Deeds By Dallas Decker (1)

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“Is Dallas here?” my best friend asked as she stepped inside. She shut the sliding door behind her so the cool air couldn’t escape out into the steaming summer heat.

“Hi to you too.” I grumbled at Lucy as she skipped over to the couch where I was sitting and flipping through channels. The only good thing on was re-runs of That 70’s Show.

“Sorry!” Lucy giggled, “Hi Juliet.”

I sighed and turned off the T.V. “What’s up?” I asked. Lucy flipped back her gorgeous red hair and spun in a circle.

“I went shopping this morning. Do you like my new dress?” she asked. She was wearing a forest green sundress that was covered in a flower pattern. It made her already white skin look even pastier. I always wondered how she could survive the California sun with skin like hers. Of course Lucy still looked beautiful.

“I love it, you look great.” I told her, which made her smile, “but you wanted to hear that from Dallas didn’t you?” I accused her.

Lucy smirked and sat down on the couch. “Maybe.”

"Yuck, you're going to make me puke." I grumbled crossing my arms, "Not that there's much to throw up seeing as how Dallas stole half my lunch."

"He's a growing boy Juliet! Men need their food." Lucy said with a laugh.

"If by growing you mean his egocentric head? Then yes, that is constantly getting bigger. No thanks to you and all the other girls around here that throw themselves at him. Besides," I said continuing to rant, "if he's such a man then he can walk over to the fridge and make his own dang sandwich!"

Lucy giggled, "Someone's in a touchy mood. So where is your brother anyways, in his room?"

"Why don't you just go find out yourself?" I asked glaring at her.

Lucy just stared at me, waiting for a different answer.

I sighed, “No, you’re out of luck. He’s at the beach with his friends.”

Lucy frowned and I smiled triumphant. “Oh okay.” She said sounding disappointed. I turned the T.V back on and settled on Spongebob. It was quiet for a minute before Lucy perked up again.

“Why are you being such a lazy butt?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said not taking my eyes off the screen. “But maybe it has something to do with the unbearable heat outside.”

“It’s not that bad, let’s go do something.” She said trying to take the remote control away from me.

“Like what?” I asked skeptical of her reasoning for not wanting to watch a Spongebob marathon. Nothing beats Spongebob; that little square of yellow equaled pure entertainment.

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