Time is Running Out

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"Are you -achoo- crazy Prof?!" Florence said, staring at him in disbelief. He was back to his old navy blue coat and grey jeans, his gaze slightly angry and of course, his crimson hair.

"Don't tell me I'm crazy. This is the life of Lucy we're talking about here." He replied, looking at Florence with a stern look.

"You must really -achoo- like the girl then."

"Excuse me?!" Potty Prof said, jumping back in suprise. He didn't exact that come from from Florence.

"Is it not obvious? Even your keen and brilliant mind -achoo- that you've inherited from your father should see it. You. Love. Lucy. Baker."

"Do I need to cut your tongue?" Potty Prof asked, taking some scissors nearby.

"No! Not at all!" Florence replied before dashing out as fast as her wheelchair could take her. He put the scissors down and sealed the duffel bag.

"That's what I thought." He said, before walking out of the Mystery Room, keeping her sentence in mind.


"Your man has about..." Goldie checked her watch. "Ten minutes. I doubt he'll find the entrance either... But shall we have fun before you go?" Goldie snapped her fingers and her two new boys came in and started to torture her some more....


"Get out of my blasted way Dustin!" Alfendi said, pushing Dustin out of the way as he rushed down the last floor, running down the stairs.

He had to get to Lucy, before... Before she... No. He shouldn't think that or else he might jinx the thing.

He kicked the door of the weapons and ammo room open and pushed a shelf of ammo to reveal a door, hard to see, but it was there. He opened the door and walked slowly to his possible doom.


"That should be enough." Goldie said, finally satisfied with how Lucy looked. Her shirt was torn and her skin had bruises everywhere. No spot had no blood dripping from it slowly.

"Now where is that detective! He has only one-"

"I'm here!" Alfendi rushed in the door, looking at Goldie angrily. But he looks to the side to see Lucy. No...

"Why hello there detective."

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