Movie Time <Tadashi X Reader>

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~~~~~~~~~Tadashi's Pov~~~~~~~~~

I whiped the sweat from my brow as I looked at the selection of movies. I know this is crazy, but I can't screw this date up. Well. .  It's not really a date. .  More of just movie time. I've been trying to find (y/n)s favorite movie for the past 20 minutes.

"Hey. What are you looking for?" a familiar vocie asked. (Y/n)! I whiped around, knocking the white case of dvds over. She was in her normal attire. Unlike most girls whom wear dresses and short shorts, (Y/n)  was wearing her adorable (f/tv/s) hoodie with jeans and converse. I smiled nervously.

"O-oh. I'm looking f-for (f/m *favorite movie*). W-what are you doing here early?" I looked at her hoodie. Her figure showed perfectly with the tight hoodie. I blushed, relizing I was staring. I looked up at her face.

"Uh. Hello. Earth to Nerd Boy. You alive in there?" I looked down. I mumbled a sorry. She smiled and said, "let me help you look for the movie". (Y/n)  got up off the arm of the couch and walked around, searching for the movie. I looked through the white box. "Found it!"  she came running past the couch and put the dvd in. I turned the lights off and sat in the couch, with her already settled down and cuddling Mochi. Drag do I wish I was that cat right know. The movie was enjoyable. About half way through the movie, (Y/n) leaned her arm agianst my shoulder. She was still holding Mochi in a death grip. She looked up at me with smile.

"Your strangling my cat. . ." I joked. She let the poor kitty go and he jumped off her lap. Her gaze never left my face.

"Sorry. . " she whimpered. Her eyes flicked downward, then back at my eyes. I blushed, gulping. She learned upward and kissed my lips lightly." Thanks for the date, Dashi~" she giggled at my shocked expression. I grabbed her arm and yanked her up, kissing her. She kissed back quickly. Let me say it now. . . She is a great. . . GREAT KISSER!!

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