24. I will marry her!

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Mahir's Pov:

         I exited the general ward where my patient was, after doing his check up. I can already feel my body giving up due to the continuous working from almost last 20 hours. Firstly, I had spent the entire night yesterday in the hospital. And then I came back to hospital from my way home and had operated Saeed uncle. He had the very less chances of survival after the accident but it is indeed true that Allah is the master of possibilities.

          Saeed uncle survived the operation and this was a huge relief for me as for the first time in like forever I actually saw a hint of pride over me in my father's eyes as I saved the life of his friend.

         I went to my room to keep the files there. I opened the drawer and kept the files inside it and then sat on the chair throwing my head back and closing my eyes. I could already feel myself going to sleep when the knock on the door made me open my eyes.

"Come in." I told and the door opened with Dr. Aiza entering inside.

"Assalam walaikum." She greeted me while I gestured her to sit.

"Walaikum salam Dr. Aiza. What happened? Is Mr. Saeed , your father in law alright?" I asked her. Apparently, Dr. Aiza , one of my colleagues who is like a sister to me is the daughter in law of Saeed uncle.

"Yeah he is. I just, I just wanted to thank you on the behalf of our family. I wouldn't have been so relieved if it wasn't you that was dealing with Abba's case. Jazakallahu khair" she said smiling genuinely at me.

I shook my head and said,
"It was my duty and you know that. Please don't thank me. And I feel glad to see your trust in me. "

She nodded her head and then said,

"Okay Mahir. I will get going now. I have to see a patient of mine. You should do some rest. I heard you have overworked yourself."

"Okay.Yes I will." I said and saw her standing. She turned and was walking to the door when the door was opened from the outside and Abba came in along with Dr. Aiza's husband. I don't know why but he looks suspiciously familiar.

"Mahir.." abba called me gaining attention.

"Actually Saeed is back to consciousness. So it will be good if you do the check up." He said.

"Oh okay.. abba you go ahead I am coming." I said nodding at both of them.

       I took the stethoscope that I had kept on the table and wore it around my neck. Switching off the lights I exited the room and soon reached to the hospital room in which Saeed uncle was kept. I saw the wife of Saeed uncle and his son standing outside the room with my father. I said salam to them and neared to open the door of the room when my Abba stopped me and said,

"Wait Mahir, Saeed uncle's daughter is inside. Let me come with you."

Great! My alleged Fiancé was also inside!

I denied the urge of face palming myself. I nodded at him and let him open the door. The door half opened and Abba entered inside, but stopped midway, making me stop exactly behind him.

         I can still see the face of Saeed uncle laying there but rest of everything was hidden because of Abba standing right in a midway that was which I am thankfully about.
I am in no mood to see anyone besides my patient. Breaking the silence, Abba said,

"Aayat, my son I mean Dr. Razaaq as you may know him wants to check up on Saeed. "

       Wait, what? Did Abba just say Aayat? I thought but than assured myself that I had miss heard.

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