Chapter 7

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Previously: A hungry glint appeared in Fukushima's eyes as they turned from brown to red with black specks.

"I WILL make Rin mine..." he growled as he walked out of the woods and towards civilization.


"....Dad?" Rin whispered as she felt a lump form in her throat.

"It's been a while Rin" Her father said, his warm voice melting Rin's cold insides.

"How-...Wha-...." Rin started, not being able to say anything due to shock.

She tried getting up but immediately fell straight back down onto the bed.

"Don't move much Rin. That injury on your head isn't as minor as you think it is" Rin's father said, walking up to her and placing his hand on top of her head gently, smiling.

Rin couldn't believe it. He looked exactly how she remembered him before he 'died'. She couldn't stop staring at him.

"There's no need to cry Rin" her father said, slightly laughing.


Rin's hands moved up to her cheeks and she felt her tears. She immediately wiped them off and looked back up to her father.

" are you....alive?" Rin croaked out the question, her voice hoarse.

"The truth is that I actually never died" he said, his expression turning serious.

"But...that day...the message...Kondou-San said-"

"Yes, all of that happened. I had to fake my death. That day I took you along with me for a reason" Rin's father explained, pacing up and down the room.

"What about mom?! Is she here?" Rin asked frantically, hope bubbling up in her.

Her father froze.

"I'm afraid that part of the message about her death was true" he said, his face trying to conceal his grief.

Rin's head dropped as she nodded once. "But Dad...why would you fake your death? Why did you stay away from me all these years?" Rin asked, anger lacing her voice.

"To protect you" Rin's father replied, smiling sadly.

"To protect..." Rin echoed, trailing off.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Rin's father seemed to have suddenly become alert.

"Stay in here Rin" he said as he walked to the door.

"Amagiri...what happened?" Rin heard her father ask, his voice turning cold.

"I need to talk to you Asai. It's important" a deep voice said.

Rin's father peeked over his shoulder and glanced at Rin, who was staring at him. He quickly shut the door of the room.

Rin immediately forced herself up, despite feeling dizzy. "Enough of hiding things from me Dad" she mumbled to herself as she stumbled towards the door as quietly as she could. She pressed her ear against the wooden western styled door and listened closely.

"We can't do it...not so soon" Rin heard her father say.

"Kazama's getting slightly impatient. He never approved of what you did, even if your reasons were valid. You can't suppress an oni's powers and make them live like a human. It's against our way of living." Amagiri said.

"Did he just say 'an oni's powers'?" Rin thought as she pressed her ear harder against the door.

"I did it to protect her from everyone, Amagiri. Chikage should understand that if he really cares about his younger relative. If we do it now, it could kill her" Rin's father hissed.

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