TWELVE: The Day of the Dead pt. I

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"Are you scared?"

Amelia asked Billy with a hint of concern on her voice. He nodded nervously before smiling back, reassuring her that everything's okay.

This has been their routine since Four mentioned to her how that question makes him a bit braver, knowing that Four is still scared about their situation.

Their meaningful glances didn't escape Seven's eyes. He removed her gaze from them and returned them to Eight who is currently watching the view from afar with her binoculars.

"Is it me or there's something going on between that two?" He nudged her as he pointed at the lovebirds behind them.

Knowing what is happening, Eight nodded subtly before putting down her binoculars.

"Since when?"

"Since Hong Kong." She answered nonchalantly.

Seven convinced, he took one last glance to the two before he sat up, placing his hands on both sides.

"So..." he began before sighing which earned Eight's attention.

"I've heard you'll be leaving the group after this mission."

Eight raised her eyebrows "Are you invading my personal space to convince me to get back on board?"

His head snapped up as he tried to defend himself. "What? No."

"Did One put you up to this?"

Seven chuckled.


Eight waited for him to say what is on his mind as she leaned unto the back of the truck.

"Just wanna to know if I'm still able to see you after all this shit goes down."

Her brows furrowed upon hearing that statement. It took her almost a minute before finally realizing what Seven meant.

"Okay. Yes. I'm... I'm asking you out."

He turned her gaze to the view, waiting for her answer.

Eight went silent. She doesn't know what to say.

For the first time in her life, Nadia Embrey doesn't know how to find the right words.

"I don't know what to say."

She replied with honesty as she focused on the view in front of them.

It's true. If this was a normal situation, she would've agreed without hesitation. It's just a date right? But after that all that happened; faking her own death, forming a team of vigilantes, this mission.

And him.

The only man that she thought matters.


She saw him flinched after hearing his real name come out of her mouth.

"I'm...sorry." she replied apologetically. "I'm not ready for any of that. With everything that has been happening... I don't think we can manage to slip that."

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