PART 1 Liam Payne #imagine (Dirty)

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Rock Me 

#imagine its Saturday night and you boyfriend Liam is at your house tonight. You're both watching toy story while eating popcorn and chocolates. He is laying on the sofa with his head on your lap. You slowly stroke his hair romantically. It feels so soft and nice. "So babe, you know what was trending last night on Twitter?" you ask. "No , what baby?" Liam asks. You giggle and say "Liam 10 inches Payne" (#Liam10InchesPayne). He looks up at your face, smiling with a surprised look on his face.

"Really? Wow, Directioners are crazy and so naughty! Naughty little girls!"  he chuckles. After a long pause, you speak.

"So...Liam, is it true?"   "What's true, babe?" he Liam asks.   "You know...10 inches?"  you reply. He smiles at you with an innocent yet naughty look on his face. After about a minute of silence, he says "Would you like to see for yourself, babe?" 

You quietly gasp and grin, shyly nodding (but very excited from inside). He starts stripping his pajamas off and you mouth drops open. Liam catches you staring and smiles sweetly. "What wrong babe?" Liam asks, paussing for a moment. You just shake your head, telling him that nothings wrong but in your mind you think"He's seriousl!? I was only joking!"  He strips off his pants and starts to pull off his adorable Toy Story boxers, but you stop him "Let me do it, Liam." He kisses you and gives you full permission to strip off his boxers. You slowly slip them off and strip the rest of Liam naked. You jaw drops wide open, really wide open and you just stare at his dick. It's huge! It's 10 inches for real!

As you're admiring Liam's penis, he interrupts by pulling your shirt off while softly kissing your lips. Even after he's done kissing you, your mouth drops back open. "What babe? You wanna suck it? You wanna suck my 10 inches?" You giggle and say "I will, baby. Make me horny, then I will"

So Liam begins touching you up, kissing you, and lays you down back on the sofa, him on top of you. He presses your shoulders down and kisses you down your neck. He is not going to let you out of his grip any time soon.

Liam smirks at you and slowly puts his 10 inches in you, making you wet as fuck and forcing you to let out a moan...

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