DIY Polka-Dot Furniture

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Paint Brush


Masking Tape

Sponge Applicator

Paint (In a color of your choice + white)

Hole puncher


Take out the drawer

Protect the edges or parts you don't want to get paint on with masking tape.

Make sure your furniture is clean and dry.

First, cover your drawer with a primer. Let it dry.

Add a coat of your colored paint. Add a second coat once dry.

Take a little piece of masking tape and make a hole with a hole puncher in it.

Take your masking tape with a hole and put it on the dry drawer.

Take the sponge applicator dipped in white paint and apply it on the masking tape so that when peeled off, a perfect dot is revealed.

Repeat all over the drawer.

You're done!!!

You're done!!!

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