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- Lola -

"Okay Class, get out your highlighters! We are going to be taking notes."

Realising that I left my highlighters in my locker, I let out a small groan and excused myself to retrieved them.

The hallway was so different when class was in. The halls were quiet. Too quite and too empty. You could here some of the louder teachers lecturing as you pass by the classes. And, if the classes were more rowdy, you couldn't hear the teacher, only the students yelling!

As I advanced closer to my locker, curiosity washed over me and I had to check if the strange, younger man was still sitting where the principal would have. And, he was. He wasn't looking out of the window though. He was too focused typing something on his computer. He bottom lip was hooked between his teeth in deep concentration.

From what happened this morning, something was telling me that he was danger, but I was too curious and I wanted to know more about him and who he was. Remembering that I had left the classroom for my highlighters, I opened up my locker and began to rummage.

Pink... Yellow... Where's my blue one?

Just as I lifted my math text book, my blue highlighter slipped out and fell to the floor. Letting out a sigh and without carefully thinking, I bent over to pick up the object.

I felt eyes burning into my back and had a feeling in my gut it was him, but decided to ignore it and head back to English class.


English was over and my next class was science.

We were doing a lab experiment. Luckily, it was a solo project and we didn't need partners. While I was in the hallway moving from one class to another, I heard some people mention that there was a new principal. Many girls that I heard it from were saying he was such a hottie too. Maybe that man was the new principal...

"Now class, take the hot water and-"

Suddenly, Ms. Mowry was interrupted by a buzz signaling that someone was going to speak over the intercom. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face the source of the buzz.

A deep, husky voice suddenly spoke over the classroom.

"Ms. Sanders, report to the principal's office now. I repeat; Ms. Sanders, report to the principal's office now."

Suddenly, everyone turned to the back of the class and stared at me. Some began laughing, others were desperate to know what I had done. I soon became uncomfortable with the student's gaze on me, so I quickly exited the classroom.

The hallway was, again, too quiet and too empty. But, I'm not sure if I enjoyed it. I have never been called to the office - ever! and I was nervous. My hands were a bit shaky and my breathing pattern picked up. What did I do?

The walk to the office seemed so long now. Too long. I just wanted to hide in my bed back at home and ignore whatever was going to happen when I enter the office.

There's the door. The door to the principal's office. I stood in front of it and managed to knock two times. Fast and simple. I just want to get this over with.

"Come in."

A deep, stern voice called out. Immediately obeying the voice behind the door, I opened the door and peered inside.

"I said 'Come in'." The young man repeated.

I was surely shaking right now. I was so nervous and scared and confused as to why I was called here in the first place. Hopefully, It wasn't something too bad. I can't think of anything I have done... Maybe a missing assignment here and there, but I always turn them in as soon as possible.

"Sit." The unknown man instructed me.

There was one chair right in front of his desk. Something about him intimidated me.

"God damnit, Sit!" He yelled at me.

I let out a peep and pulled the chair out and took a seat. The chair was cold and uncomfortable, much like the situation I was in. There was a very unsteady silence in the room until I let a gulp run through my throat, breaking the silence. The palms of my hands were sweaty and my body was jumpy and eager to leave.

"Ms. Sanders, do you know why I called you into the office this afternoon?"

His gaze was burning into my eyes as he asked me the question I had no answer to.

"N-No sir."

Inside, I was shaking. I always got perfect grades and never did anything that would result in me being called to the office.

"You've been a very, very bad girl, Ms. Sanders."

He released a smirk and leaned back into his leather office chair; his eyes continuing to bore into mine.

Just then, I realized what he had meant.

And to say I was scared, was only an understatement.


- Macy

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