fifty one

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The shower curtains shoot open, and I scream in surprise. But what I see is even more surprising, two people kissing.

It's Ara and Zayn.

The split second Louis and I see Ara and Zayn, we run out of the bathroom as fast as we can, and luckily, we make it without being seen.

"That was a close one" Louis says.

"What would Ara do if she saw us?"

"I really have no idea. Ara is so sensitive... She wouldn't react well."

"Why are you still, like, with her?"

"Because... I love her."

When Louis says he loves Ara, I don't know why, but it makes my heart sink. I know I don't love Louis, maybe a little crush, but I shouldn't feel... Hurt?

"Uh, are you gonna put on another top?" Louis asks. I look down, I'm in my bra. I left my top in the bathroom.

"Yeah..." I say, "I'll see you downstairs later"

"Alright," Louis kisses my cheek, "See you soon"


"You should be hanging out with your guy friends" Holly says, her ocean blue eyes twinkling.

"I should, but I'd rather be with you."

"The stars look so gorgeous" Holly says, her eyes gazing into the shining night sky.

Our hands are intertwined as Holly and I lie down on the soft grass out in the enchanted rose garden, looking up into the sparkling stars. The quiet, soft sound of light splashing water from the water fountain and the sound from the light breezes flying past surrounds us, but apart from that it's completely silent and peaceful. It's cold, but the white, freezing snow is almost gone, all that remains is the pretty, sprinkling snowflakes hitting my fair skin.

"Can you see, like, your zodiac sign?" Holly asks, pointing to the starry sky.

"No, they just look like stars"

"Those ones," Holly points to the stars, "look like they're waves at the beach"

I look around the alive night sky for pictures hidden in the stars.

"That one kinda looks like a cat. You see? The whiskers, and the pointy ears, eyes, and that is, like, the nose"

Holly's eyes stare into the sky, painting pictures with the stars and admiring the glimmer of the shiny full moon. She looks, as always, beautiful. There's no other way to describe her than beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. Her bubbly personality, her gorgeous face, her flawless body, her laugh, just everything. She's beautiful. Beautiful.

As Holly's eyes are focused on the mesmerising sky, mine are focused on her mesmerising face. I stare at her as she smiles and her eyes crinkle and her nose scrunches up. She's so cute.

"Stop staring at me" Holly laughs, covering her face with her hands.

"I can't help it"

"Fine, I'll stare at you" Holly says, turning on her side to face me.

"You're pretty. With your curly hair, green eyes, smooth skin." Holly strokes my cheek with her cold hand.

"I really love you. It's weird. Loves weird. This love is weird." Holly says, turning on her back to face the sky.

"I weird-love you, too" I say, moving closer to rest my head on her shoulder.

"Really. I do love you. I love all of you. I... Weird-love all of you"

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