Chapter 1

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Ivey-Rose's POV

I remember that day so clearly like it was only just yesterday, except it wasn't yesterday, it was just under one year ago. One year ago I found out the biggest secret of my life and from that day on, I believed I had the power in my hands to tear my family into pieces.

*Flash back* -1year ago

"And that is why I think society is changing for all the wrong reasons in our town..." I finished off writing my report for my English class. I sat in my room, quietly humming a tune I had heard on a radio on the way home from school this morning.

I stood up from my desk and left my room, looking for something to do. I looked in the kitchen, hoping to be able to bake something but mom hadn't gone to get the groceries yet, I decided to go tell her we needed more food in this house.

I walked quietly to the other side of the house, listening out for her. When I got to her room I put my ear against the door and listened to see if she was in there. I could hear muffled voices signaling my mom was awake, probably talking to her boss on the phone. I quietly knocked before opening the door and walking into the room. What I saw was not my mother in the phone, but instead she was, how can I put this kindly, "making babies" with someone who certainly wasn't my father.

I could already feel the anger bubbling inside of me.  Surely I had to be imagining it all, she couldn't really be there, and maybe it's just my tired mind playing tricks on me.  I blinked once or twice to make sure, but the scene in front of me never disappeared.  They still hadn't noticed me standing there, so I decided to make myself noticed.

"How could you?" I yelled tears streaming down my face already.

"I thought you loved dad! I thought you cared! Well obviously not! I can't believe you!" I carried on yelling, my voice cracking in places. They turned to look at me, shock all over their faces. Before anyone could stop me I ran away. Not literally, I actually just ran up to my room and locked myself in. I only saw that guy once, just long enough to see his face properly. I already hated him.

I knew she wouldn't change.  She did the same thing a few years ago, when I was 10.  She claimed it was because she had an alcohol problem and she couldn't think straight.  I believed her, my whole family believed her, but it was all too good to be true.  I wonder how long she's been doing it for, if it was always that one guy or if it was a different guy every night.

*Flash back over*

My mom had given birth to my baby sister 1 week ago. The baby died, but I don't believe she did. I think she is with her real father, my mom decided to burden the guy with a newborn baby because she couldn't handle looking at a child who didn't look like he rest of us, someone would notice eventually. I hadn't told anyone that I knew it wasn't my fathers child, but I knew I had to, that's why I'm going to do it today.

It had been eating away at me ever since I saw it happening.  My mother tracked me down that night and made me swear not to tell any one.  I promised, not wanting to make her angry.  I knew I should've told someone, then, if she really did have an alcohol problem, we could get her help. 

Everyone was sitting at the table, eating dinner, my mom, dad, brother and me. I kept thinking to myself, 'now's the time', 'say it now!' But I just couldn't.

The table was engulfed in silence, something that I had come to get used to in the past few months.  Our house was always quiet; words were only spoken when they were needed.  I don't know why, it just seemed to be a mutual agreement that no one ever spoke about.

"Mom, Dad, I have to say something." I finally built up the courage to speak.

"What sweetie?" Asked my father looking over at me.

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