It Was Always You...

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Ok so this is my first ever story on this account. This is also the first time writing an Outsiders fanfiction, so if its crap, do tell.

Character description of Ivey: 

Ivey is 15 years old, she is in the middle class, but classed as a 'soc' She lives with her mum, dad, and brother. Her you younger sister "died" at birth me year ago, Ivey never got to meet her, that's why she thinks that her sister is still out there alive, and is with her real father. Ivey loves movies, she hates reading and loves going to the park.


This story is about a girl named Ivey-Rose, Ivy for short. We is in the middle class but is friends withs the "socs" (the Rich kids). When Ivey was nearly 15 she caught her mother cheating on her father with someone, she only saw the persons face once and knew the guy was far younger than her mom. A year later Ivey's mom has the baby and convinces Ivey's father that she's the real father, but he's not, and Ivey knows it. The baby supposedly died at birth but Ivey believes that the baby is still alive and is living with her real father. Ivey confronts her mother, one of the hardest things she's ever done in her life, but when she tells her father, he thinks she is lying, so kicks her out of the house, leaving her with $10 and a small bag of clothes. Ivey has to wander around town looking for a place to stay each night. One night, she is walking down a street and is jumped by the "socs" and has all her money that she has left and the bag of clothes stolen from her. The only reason she is still alive is one boy. He goes by the name of Sodapop Curtis. When Sodapop finds out I'vey's story he insists that she moves in with hi and his brothers, there she meets, Darry, Steve, Two-Bit, Johnny, Ponyboy, Dallas, and someone she'd thought she'd never meet in her lifetime. Her sister? But not only does she find her sister, she also finds love...

Yeah so tell me how it sounds, I hope it's good and if you do read it, I hope you enjoy it.

Please tell your friends about this, if they like The Outsiders as well.

I write the stories mostly on my ipad so I can't do all the italic things but if anyone funds out a way, please tell me, it would make my life easier.

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