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- Lola -

Monday morning and I was headed to school. The breeze wistled through the empty city streets. I already knew that my long, dark hair had been tangled the moment I left the house. My plaid skirt lifting and following the wind, causing me to cover my bum with my cold hands.

The high school I attended didn't make us wear uniforms, I simply wore these outfits because I felt comfortable in them - and also because I thought the skirt and knee socks were cute together.

I approached the school building and began to prepare myself for the day. I didn't love school and I didn't hate it. I always got good grades, but I wasn't some sort of braniac like Mark. I paused in front of the tall doors that entered to the hall of classes and paused the song I was listening to on my iPod.

Here goes nothing. Pushing the doors open, I was caught with a rush of laughter, gossip and yelling.

High school.

As I started entering the combination to my locker, I looked behind me. The principle's office. There was a large window in the office that looked out to the hallway. The only thing was, Mr. Garrison wasn't sitting there, drinking his morning roast or chatting with some board staff. Instead, there was a younger, lean figure. He had amazaing brown hair, pushed up above his forehead. I was admiring his looks until I noticed that he was staring right into my eyes. His face wore a dark smirk that spread across his lips.

Something told me to look away, so I did.

But something also told me he was danger.

- Man in Office -

As principal, I began to watch the students in the hall struggle to open their lockers and get too frustrated to finish what they started.

So far, nothing very interesting has happened. Or so I thought, until a certain girl walked to locker.

Her locker was right in front of the huge, glass window that created a panoramic view of the hall. She was petite with dark hair.

She was wearing a short skirt and white knee socks. She turned around and her eyes widened when I became the center of her attention. She was gorgeous. She had perfect, pink lips and big brown eyes. She must've not noticed that I had been staring right back at her for quite some time, because she hadn't shown any discomfort. When her eyes met mine, I knew just who she was.

I had been waiting for this moment for so long.

And I could finally have her all to myself.


- Macy

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