Chapter 2

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"I need to get my guitar fixed," Weichi explained. 

"Oh? You play the guitar?" Dachi inquired. 

"Yeah, both me and my brother," Weichi replied. 

"Who's your brother?" he asked. 

Weichi laughed at Dachi's obliviousness to the situation. Seeing her laughter he began to wonder why it felt that he was being stupid and his answer was in front of him. 

"well, do you see anything similar that was in our conversation?" Weichi hinted. 

"Hmm....wait...don't tell me-" Dachi blushed. 

"Mhm! Siyang is my older brother!" Weichi cut in.  

Dayong felt a little embarassed and looked away shyly. Weichi giggled and grabbed his hand pulling him with her saying, "Well, come on! This guitar isn't going to fix itself!"

On the way to the guitar repair shop, the 2 got to know each other better and even exchanged numbers. While waiting, they got ice cream and walked around the area a bit before returning back to the repair shop to grab Weichi's guitar. 

"Thanks for coming with me in place of Siyang, I appreciate it!" Weichi thanked as she smiled. 

"of course! If you ever want to hang out again, just contact me!" Dachi smiled. They heard a loud honk, turning to see Siyang and their father waiting in the car. 

Weichi looked back at Dachi and said, "Thanks again!" before running off to the family car. Dachi smiled and waved as Weichi and Siyang left. He sighed and began walking home on his own, his thoughts only of Weichi for some unknown reason that Dachi couldn't explain or understand. 

He shrugged it off and eventually was lying in bed, smiling as he drifted off to sleep...

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