6// Tori

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Walking through the grocery store, basket in hand today is a new day. And that means cleaning the house, getting shopping (which technically I was supposed to do yesterday, but I got side-tracked) I guess most of all what I need to do is try to find my place here.

And most importantly getting my thoughts away from my neighbour.... Derek. I swear since laying eyes on that man, he has consumed my ever thought in the last twenty-four hours, and that's just annoying to say the less, mostly because I don't know him and don't really care to know him either.

But yet I can't get his face, or his eyes, or with how good looking he is, out of my head, which I hate because I hate all men now.

Pulling out of my thoughts about my hot neighbour, when I feel someone bump into me hard, throwing my eyes to the side to see an old-aged woman looking at me,

"I'm so sorry dear, I'm so clumsy these days" The woman says to me, looking at her for a moment, she reminds me of Nan, I wonder if she knew her.

Nan lived in River-Cove for over twenty- years, before she moved to Philadelphia three years ago, everyone here must remember her.

"It's fine, truth be told I wasn't paying much attention myself to where I was looking" I replied politely with a smile, the woman looks at me with the same smile.

"Are you new in town? Or just summer vacationing?" She questioned me, while looking me up and down.

I know River-Cove gets a lot attention in the summer, it's the perfect vacation spot especially for families.

"A bit of both, I just moved into the beach house, off the beat road just outside of main street" I replied, it's a small town and if she's local she should know what road I mean and what house.

The woman looks at me in thought for a moment, before clapping her hands together and drawn her eyes back to me.

"Rosaline's old house? I didn't know it was sold?" She gasped, feeling an ache as she mentions my grandmother.

"It wasn't I'm Tori, Roseline's was my Grandmother. She left me the house when she passed" I disclosed, the lady looks at me sadly.

"I'm Edie, I was close friends with Rosaline before she moved away. I was sorry to hear about her passing, she was a lovely woman" Edie spoke,

"Thank you it's been hard, but she will never be forgotten"

Edie looks at me for a minute, I really hope she takes the hint that I don't want to talk about this any longer, it's still raw and it's still hurts so much and I do not want, to start crying in the middle of the grocery store.

"If you're staying there then, have you met your neighbour yet?" She asks me, thankful changing the subject, but with the way she is smirking I'm not sure, I like where this conversation is going to go, and I sure as hell don't remember people being this chatty to strangers eight years ago.

"I have, he said his name was Derek, he seems friendly" I mumbled out, forcing out the word friendly, because that was not the vibe, I got from him at all. I got intense and annoyance directed at me yesterday.

Edie smiles at me sweetly and winks,

"He's sure is handsome, if only I was twenty years younger-;" I let out a small laugh as she talked, and she's right Derek is that, he's dangerously handsome.

"A police detective too, so you have no need to worry at night" throwing my eyes to hers as she mentioned detective.

Derek...my hot neighbour is a cop?... The same neighbour I hit yesterday.

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