The Five Winters - Chapter 1 to 20 - Harry Potter

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Hello. This is a fanfiction that I found very interesting so I took the chance to post it for you all and for myself too ^^ I don't own anything of what is posted here and the original source is:

These are the first 20 chapters. Enjoy.


Chapter 1

October Accidents

The classroom went quiet as Snape swept through the classroom door and slammed it shut behind him with the forceful bang that indicated his mood today was in incredibly high dudgeon. He strode to the front of the classroom and then turned to face the students.

"I was unsurprised at the absymal results of last week's test," he drawled, "and I would tell you that I expect better, except that I really don't. However," he continued, his eyes alighting upon the students at the Gryffindor end of the room, where the Golden Trio sat together at their usual shared table, "I have come up with a theory of sorts."

The students held their breath, imagining the worst to come.

"It would seem that some students," he said, placing careful emphasis on the word 'some', "Think they can get good grades by mooching off other student's work, turning it in, and then applying their scattered and incomplete knowledge to a test."

Potter and Weasley looked slightly wary, and they were not the only ones. A few other students shifted uneasily in their seats.

"So I have decided to reconstruct the seating arrangements in this class," Snape went on, a malicious smile gracing his lips.

"Granger!" he suddenly barked, and the girl jumped in surprise. "Switch seats with Mister Goyle. Potter, you will take the seat next to Miss Bulstrode. Time to split up the dream team, I think," he sneered. "I doubt you all will so much as scrape by an 'acceptable' in this class if Miss Granger is no longer whispering into your ears."

The Slytherins laughed appreciatively at this remark. Potter turned an unattractive shade of red with humiliation- he knew Snape was doing this purely for amusement. Although it was true that for the last seven years, Hermione's constant management of her potion as well as theirs was the only reason they'd managed to scrape by, Harry felt Snape's attitude about the matter was unfair. He and Hermione reluctantly stood up and moved to their reassigned seats, leaving Weasley stranded at the table with Goyle and Longbottom.

"Five points apiece for delay, Potter, Granger," Snape remarked caustically as they moved to their new seats. They knew better than to respond. It would only mean more point loss, especially given the horrid mood Snape was in now.

"Take out your books," Snape said, reverting to his usual lazy drawl, as though he had not just unnecessarily humiliated a few Gryffindors and docked ten points. "Page six-hundred and sixty-nine. Today you will be attempting to brew Substantia Despero, otherwise known as the Essence of Despair…"

"What thing crawled into his morning porridge and died, eh?" Ron muttered to Neville.

"Ten points for rudeness, Weasley," Snape said, "and another five for disruption. Now, if you actually did your assigned reading last night- which I highly doubt many of you have done- you would be able to tell me how the Substantia Despero works, and what it is commonly used for."

Hermione slowly raised her hand when she saw no others were forthcoming- she had taken to raising her hand only when no one else did, in an attempt to draw less attention to herself as a know-it-all swot, yet she could not keep herself from answering when feasibly possible. Seeing no one else availing themselves to answer, Snape irritably turned to Hermione. "Miss Granger?"

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