(ACTUAL) Chapter 20

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I know, I know, I wasn't supposed to update until February but, here you go anyway.

Ashlynn's POV

The young blonde walks up to Dawn and shoves something in Dawn's shoulder. A shot goes off and the blonde falls to the ground.

I look up at Daryl, his eyes starting to fill with tears. Another shot goes off and Dawn falls to her knees, then onto the ground. I notice Daryl was no longer by my side but, crying by the, now dead, blonde's side. As Daryl stands up he takes the limp body with him.

Poor girl, Beth, I believe her name was. She had taken care of me. I couldn't remember her but, she remembered me although I'm not sure how. A woman with short hair took a hold of the handles on my wheelchair and began to wheel me down the hallway.

As we exited the hospital, a small group of people awaited us. The only person I recognize is Glenn who runs into my grip. I missed Glenn. I hadn't seen him in a long time. Well at least that's what I could remember.

"I'm so happy to see you Ash. How are you feeling?" He asks me. I shrug my shoulders at him.

"I feel fine. I'm just a little terrified at the moment." I tell him.

"Why are you scared?" He asks, furrowing his eyebrows. I turn my head to find Daryl walking out with Beth's pale, limp body in his arms. I turn my head back to Glenn.

"I just witnessed that girl die." I whisper. He looks up at Daryl and tears start rushing down his face. He must've had some kind of connection with her. I feel so bad for Daryl's group. Beth was such a nice young girl.


My body ached and my head spun. I was suddenly floating in the air. Scratch that, my body was numb. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel any bone within my body.

Two men stand above me, putting me onto a stretcher, then loading me into a car. The car ride to where ever was quick. Only about five, maybe ten minutes. The door to the car opens and I'm lifted back into the air.

I'm then ushered into a building and put on a gernie. My head is still pounding from the impact of the car,my body still numb. For all I know I could be paralyzed or something. A  few other people dressed in blue scrubs begin to surround me.

"Miss... you.....me." Half of what ever that woman was trying to say to me was a total blur. I only heard pieces of the sentence. My eyes begged to close but I only forced them to be open. My vision started to become blurry as a young blonde woman came into sight. Her facial expression changed into some sort of confused look.

My eyes started to become heavier and soon everything turned to black.

~~Ashlynn Dreaming~~

I held a limp body in my arms. His eyes and hair color similar to my own. Oh no. This couldn't possibly be. Bradley. My hands began to shake and tears began to brim my eyes. His body was pale and cold. He was gone.

"I love you Bradley." I sob. I pick up the knife that was at my side and look at my brother. I kiss his forehead and look away from his dead body. Then plunging the knife into his head.

Flashback over

I sat in the back of a truck, Daryl beside me still crying from the loss of the group member. I grab his hand and intertwine his fingers with mine, "Hey, listen it's gonna be okay. She's in a better place now. Now she's at rest peacefully with the rest of her family." I tell him.

He looks at me and I notice the tears continued to fall down his face. "Ash, she was so important. She went through so much. She watched her own father and sister die. That man, The Governor, killed the both of them right in front of her eyes. Then she was kidnapped because of me. Now she's dead and it's all my fault. If I didn't stop following that car, she could still be alive." He tells me.

"Daryl, none of that was your fault. All things happen for a reason and maybe she died so that she could be with her family. We're all gonna die some day, nothing's gonna stop that. Nothing can be done to stop us from dying. Whether it's because of a walker or of old age, we're all gonna die for a reason."

"What ever ya say Ash." He says, rolling his eyes. I had never seen him this upset. The only time I had ever seen him upset was when his mom died from the fire. He didn't talk to Glenn and I for weeks. He was broken. His mom was the only one that I actually loved him, at least that's what he had told us.

Thinking about it now, what did happen to Merle Dixon? I wasn't going to ask because if he died I don't want him to get even more upset. I would imagine his dad's dead. I mean the man was terrible. Yes, he was good with guns but, he would've never been fit for the zombie apocalypse.

I sigh and look out the window, watching the surroundings as we drove. Every so often I would see a small group of walkers, maybe four or five in a group.  But, I would also every so often see a small group of walkers surrounding a person screaming for help. A person. A human being. A survivor that needed help and we just drove past them as if they were already dead.

I wanted to say something but, I knew I'd just be ignored. There was no use in trying. They wouldn't do anything about it. I almost put my window down and pulled out my gun a few times. You know to take down some of the walkers so that person would have a chance of getting away.

"Holy shit." I hear Rick mumble as the bus pulls to a stop. Daryl gets up and walks to the front of the bus to inspect the problem. Due to my legs still healing I can't walk, which means if we have to leave the bus, I can't walk and it'll be a pain to have to run while wheeling a wheel chair.

Rick's son, Carl I think his name is, sits in the seat in front of mine, "Kid, what's going on?" I whisper to him. He turns around in his seat to look at me. There's tears brimming his eyes.

"There's, there's a herd of walkers and we might not be able to make it through. There's too many." He tells me. I attempt to pull myself up with the back of Carl's seat. I'm up far enough to just be able to see over the seat and through the window.

A herd of probably 1,000 or more walkers, stumbles around about 1 mile or so in front of us. I gulp down, This is the end. This is the day we're all going to die. A gunshot goes off making the herd turn around and start to stumble towards us.

I just then notice the tears that are falling down my face. This is the end. I sit back down in my seat and start to cry. This is how we'll all go. I notice the walkers getting closer to us. Tears continue to fall down my face, although now there are a lot more.

I hear banging on the side of the bus. I look out my window to find a group of walkers groaning loudly trying to find a way onto the bus, I frantically race to load my gun. A walker finally makes it way on but quickly, Daryl kills it making it tumble down the steps.

My gun slips out my hand and falls to the ground. "Shit." I whisper. I hear growling again and look up. A walker had taken a big bite out of Carl. Rick quickly came to his aid and now he sits next to his dying son crying.

I struggle to get my gun off the floor. A sharp pain shoots through my shoulder and a scream escapes my mouth.

Then, I woke up.


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