My Evil Daughter~Chapter 27

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"I don't mean to hurt you... after all... why would I hurt my own daughter?" Zalgo said as I watched darkness swarm around (Y/N).

"This is easier than I thought." He said, looking at (Y/N)'s limp body.

"Not yet it isn't." I said, stepping out from the night, anger filling my voice.

"Oh but I think it has." He said, turning around, meeting my gaze, and pelting me with the red vision and headaches.

But this time, there was also ringing, and a stabbing pain filled my head. I tried to fight back the pain, but it was overwhelming. How was this happening?! I could feel pain!

This... This is... No... (Y/N)...

And the last thing I saw was Zalgo pick (Y/N) up, and disappear out of thin air, along with (Y/N).


It was about a minute before I stopped to see a figure lying on the ground, twitching uncontrollably.

"Guys!! I found Toby!!" I yelled back to them. We all rushed over to Toby and realized there was no damage done to him.

We, by Slender Man, carried him back to the mansion, struggling at how severe Toby's twitching was, which decreased when we got closer to the mansion.

"Is he going to be ok?" Eyeless Jack asked.

"He should, no physical damage is done but whenever I enter his mind, I just feel this stabbing pain." Slender said, "We will know what happened when he wakes up."

When we enter the mansion, and close the door, Toby instantly wakes up.

"(Y-Y/N)!!" He screamed, while trying to get out of Slender Man's grasp.

"W-What are y-you doing?! Let
m-me go! W-We have to g-go after h-her! We don't k-know what she's g-gotten into!!" He yelled.

"What happened out there?" I asked.

"She's... she's..." Toby stuttered.

"What is it?" Slender asked.

"Z-Zalgo... is her... father!!" He said.

We all stood there, stunned, not believing what he said. Until Slender interrupted the silence.

"It's true..." He said, mentioning that he used his mind power.

"B-But we are g-going after her? R-Right?" Toby said.


"We are, but you aren't. It's too dangerous." Slender said, with no sugar on top.

"And why not?!" I spat.

"I don't know, but I know something bad is going to happen." Slender said, defeated.

"So where would he be?" I asked.

"I think I have an idea..." Slender said.


Youvwoke up, in a unfamiliar room, that had an eerie red glow to it, but realizing it wasn't the room, but only your vision had made everything seem like it was glowing a blood red color.

You tried to move, but discovered you were tied to a chair with rope. You were struggling to try and get out of the ropes, when you heard a chuckle in a dark corner of the room.

You shot your head to the dark figure. The memories you had in the forest when you came into contact with this unknown beast were suddenly remembered.

"You're not my father," You said bitterly.

"Yes, I am," Zalgo replied.

"My real father died in a car crash when I was 6... They never found the body." You said, remembering the terrible event. You fought back tears. 'They also never did figure out who crashed into his car...' You thought.

"Did you ever hear your 'dad' talk about you when you were little?" He said bitterly.

"W-Well... no but-" You stuttered out, but was interrupted.

"I'm your father." He said.

"Prove it, ass!" You swore, causing him to smile and take one of his claws and slashing his right palm, leaving a trail of black blood, as you felt a searing pain go through your own right palm.

You felt the ropes attaching your hands to the chair loosen up and you looked at your right palm, seeing a "Z" mark on it, and see him lower his right palm as you see the same mark.

"D-Dad?! No... This... No this can't be true..." You mumble, before seeing Zalgo's expression from happy, to furious as he laid his eyes on a figure behind you.

"Hello, Slender Man."

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