Chapter Thirteen; Uppercut

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I clutched at my lunch tray looking around to find a seat. My eyes rested on Emery and his friends. He was smiling sadly. Nobody else could tell but I could see he was more than upset. That aching in my chest returned.

“Beck! Beck, over here, sweetie!” A woman’s voice called. My head whipped to the side to see none other than Cassidy waving me over to her table. I sighed and groaned as I walked towards the she witch. She gave me a fake smile and gestured to the seat beside her. I sat down carefully with one glance over my shoulder to Emery. He had clamped his mouth shut and was staring at his food awkwardly. I sighed. That boy always ate. I really broke him…

“Awh, Beck, baby, did he just leave you all alone? They can be so mean.” She cooed. She reached over my shoulder and messed with a lock of brown hair. Her blue eyes pierced through me, making me feel uncomfortable. I shrugged and opened my water bottle.

“Eh.” I muttered. She caressed my cheeks. She moved closer.

“Awh, poor baby. You know, I can fix that broken heart.” She purred. I rolled my eyes.

“We weren’t together, Cassidy.”

She chuckled and brushed the hair from my face. She leaned on my shoulder and looked to her friends.

“Guys this is Beck. Isn’t he cute?” She purred linking her arms through mine. Football players and cheerleaders alike murmured hello and waved. A jock with long, wavy black hair and twinkling hazel eyes gave me a warm smile.

“Hey, man. Welcome to West Peak.” He said in a baritone voice. I smiled.

“Hey, thanks.” I reached across the tabled to him. He shook my hand with a grin.

“I’m Nile Ross.” He said with a nod. I grinned and pulled my hand back.

“Beck Anderson.”

“Beck.” A voice said, tapping me on the shoulder. My body tensed, my heart stopped. I barely turned before I saw Emery’s lean figure behind me. I took a deep breath. He smelled intoxicating.

“Look. I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I don’t want to fail that damn project for English so whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to talk to me. You’re coming home with me today so we can get this damn thing done, okay?” He said coldly. Without turning around I nodded.


The football player sitting beside me laughed loudly.

“Watch yourself. You should learn some manners.” He said loudly. From the corner of my eyes I saw Emery tense. The football player nudged me in the arm.

“You actually hung out with that faggot.” He laughed. My fist clenched, before I could stop myself, my hand pulled back than snapped forward, connecting with his jaw. He flew backwards out of his chair and onto the floor.

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