▶Chapter #4

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"I'm a foley you bitch" he picked up a near by toaster, using it as a shield from my attack easily. which pissed me off more so i did the reasonable thing to do i surrendered my weapon.

5 Minutes earlier.....

I popped the last pizza roll in my mouth seconds before i was tackled, then man handled by the gorilla which i managed to get out of by making a smart decision. i bit his nipple.

I know, Sometimes i scare myself with all this brilliant-ness.

He let out grunt and for some reason i swear he enjoyed that his pain more than i did. boo-whoo!


I scrambled over to the fridge pulling the 1st thing i reached & chucked it at his head while having my eye's closed, i opened them 'cause of someone hitting the floor laughing nearly to death.

ba-bump ba-bamp ba-bump,

I swear if i would have died at that moment it wouldn't be as terrifying as the look on gorrilla #1's face, as the yolk fell from his clenched cheek to his brand spanking new suit.

Whoever said looks could kill surely must have met him he was even scarier then the first time! he came over to me like a wild animal does there prey.

I felt the back of my pants to make sure there was no sh!t of any kind, while he stoped in front of me nostrils flaring.

I could practically see the steam from his ears & the horns from his head sticking out. he grabbed my shoulders gently tightening a little with each word

"Allen. why. did. you. do. that!"

"H-he started i-i-it i didn't mean t-to....right?"

"Boss i don't know what he's talking about i think he's delusion, we may need to get that checked out" he let out firmly and calm as if it was normal.

that evil conniving little....i don't even know what to call him!

"Dante i need to speak with you alone" he stated firmly dripping with bearly contained anger.

he dragged me to the living room planted my but on the couch.

"Don't move."

"o-kay" i whispered out trying to keep my heart under control but failing.

he looked at dante they both walked up stairs while he was taking off his suit jacket, after he washed his face in the kitchen.

I sat there not daring to move a muscle some of his gaurds came out to make sure i stayed put, God i hope this day doesn't get any worse!

"who the hell are you!" a female voice complained do i really have this much bad luck...really!. i looked up to a plastic-i mean angry facial expression of a real live barbie...seriously barbie would be pissed!.

she looks about 23/22 i have a feeling she's one of those 'the world revolves around me bow down bitches types.'

"Are you deaf or something..or just stupid" no i'm trying to keep myself from hurting your feelings, then being massacred by g#1 for moving from this spot.

"sweet heart?"

wait...don't i know that voice? oh its that old mans, uhh hell!

"here babe"

"Love don't walk off like that what are you doing" he hadn't noticed me until he followed her gaze then frowned.

She stared at me for a minute until i got uncomfortable and spoke hoping she would just walk away after.

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