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Jeongguk sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes, "alright whatever, what do you want me to do? Harsh labor? I can do that."

The boys face was filled with hate yet fear at the same time, not knowing what he'll have to be doing only saying what he said to sound tougher. Taehyung walked back to his desk and pulled out the youngers form that was left next to the telephone, "Alright... so I'll be heading out of Korea for 2 weeks on business and you'll be doing some of the toughest work you've ever done in your whole life so listen carefully. While Lee and I are handling business in China, you'll be staying at my house."

Jeongguk had now stood up from the floor but continued to hug his stomach nervously, what is this weirdo gonna make me do? Build a backyard for him??? Gulping slowly he met eyes with the older. Taehyung smiled nicely, well actually it seemed nice but had a hint of unsettledness to it causing chills to run down the boys back. Ugh why did i agree to this...

The man continued to smile and cleared his throat, "so you see Mr.Jeon, I for one am an animal lover and have many adorable animals at my house so if you'd please take care of them that'll be great! Actually the main reason I picked you was because I recently adopted a very needy puppy and it'll need intense care while I'm away on business so youll be taking care of that ok?"

The younger looked at the older dumbly, contorting his face into an expression of true confusion, "uh if i may ask sir... why didn't you just hire a pet sitter? I'm sure they'll be more knowledgeable than I'll ever be..." Taehyung raised one of his eyebrows and chuckled, "I mean a pet sitter can run off with my precious puppy! But with someone like you, if you dared run off , I can track and kill you easily~" The grin on the mans face was unnerving and what the younger feared wasn't only the Kim's but the animals. What type of animals does a branch of the mafia have? Bears? Wolfs?

Jeongguk lets out a dry breath before nodding, "i understand... am I supposed to stay at your house for the entire two weeks?" Immediately the male brightened up and responded, "ah no!"

"Oh that's good because I wouldn't want to ruin your-" before the younger could even finish Taehyung interrupted, "You'll be staying for those five years, you'll be in charge of my animals actually mainly the pup! Easy right? Ok, Lee grab my car keys! I wanna show our little friend here my kids!"

The boys mouth was hung opened, not knowing what he should say but five years? He thought that was insane. Before long he found himself strapped into the back of the mans car and sitting next to Kim Taehyung while Lee drove. Once they had entered the huge gates that had surrounded the house Jeongguk cocked his head, the house wasn't as big as he had thought, we'll obviously the house in front of him was huge but he would've thought the head of the Kim's to have a gigantic mansion. But before his thought had finished processing the older turned towards him.

Brushing his hair out of his own face Taehyung chuckled, "Not what you expected? I do like little houses instead of my mansion in Busan, why don't i give you a tour?"

If he had described the building in front of them as little then what on earth would the size of the mansion be?

While exiting the car, Jeongguk's foot felt the texture of gravel, the grainy sound that rubbed against each other and the sound of growls along with water splashing- growls? Immediately the younger looked around to find a huge pond that was boarded up by thick glass and inside were at least three crocodiles. Mouth agape and too shock to say anything, Taehyung hadn't even realized that the boy wasn't following him until Lee cleared his throat.

When he heard this, Taehyung turned around, amused at the youngers expression and walked over, "adorable aren't they? They were my fathers but since the old man died they're now mine! Oh there's a shoe in there... uh.. don't worry we'll fish it out later, there's nothing to worry about!"

Nothing to worry about??? There were hella things to worry about, first of all who's fucking shoe is that? And if it did belong to someone where is this person? Dead or alive? And is he gonna have to feed them?? Cautious to not get too close to the glass encasement, Jeongguk asked, "w-will I be feeding them?"

Taehyung lets out a laugh before patting the boy on the back, "don't worry you won't, though i might feed you to them though hahah! Just kidding, anyways let's go inside!" The younger felt his legs starting to give up, the fear he felt along with the injuries from earlier made him feel woozy but afraid that the older wasn't just throwing out a senseless joke he tried his best to calm his nerves and followed the two inside.

  (Last chapter i typed "GOO GOO" as in me calling jeonggoo, but I wasn't ready for the "GAA GAA" comments—, i clowned myself ;;)

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