Chapter 13: Train Goes WOOSHHHH-

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You sat across from Kyojuro and Tanjiro. Your eyes were closed and your hands were clasped together. You silently listened to their conversation and everything around you.

This was your way of relaxing. While doing so you felt weird. The train had a weird aura surrounding it but you paid no mind since there was demons on board.

You opened your eyes when you felt the train move. "UWOOHHHHH! IT'S SO FAST!!" A vein appeared on your face while you smacked Inosuke's back, making him scream at you.

"It's dangerous, I don't know when the demon will appear!" Kyojuro spoke, crossing his arms. Zenitsu then turned to him, his figure froze.



After the explanation, Zenitsu clinged onto his seat, his body shaking with fear.

A thin man made his way through the train, his conductor's hat hiding his face. He seemed to be limping a little which concerned you. "I will... look at... your tickets..." He managed to mutter out, his voices raspy and weak.

You instructed the three to take out their tickets while Kyojuro explained. He slowly but steadily punched holes unto your tickets, Zenitsu begging him to let him off. You then felt weirdly uncomfortable when you were next.

"Strange..." You closed your eyes, darkness surrounding you. A few glowing lights lit up around you. "The conductor..." The conductor's soul was an ugly shade of green, almost grey-like. You cringed just looking at it. Inspecting closer, you noticed a couple of thin red strings surrounding it.

Suddenly, a red light appeared, spinning around rapidly before settling down. "Maybe that's the demon that's possessing the conductor...."

You opened your eyes, seeing Kyojuro take out his blade. A rather big demon stood a few rows behind, his face seemed morphed with another and veins were visibly bulging around him.

Kyojuro was quick to decapitate it, blood spraying out of it's head. A gush of wind passed Tanjiro, making him turn towards you. You were still in your seat, however a small vial was in you hand, filled with what looked like blood. You placed the vial in a small pouch located on your waist after labelling it.

He didn't give it any thought as he swooned at Kyojuro's impressive skills, same goes for Zenitsu and Inosuke.

"That was awesome, aniki!!

That was amazing swordsmanship!

Make me your disciple!" Tanjiro called out, dramatic tears coming out if your eyes. You leaned back, amused at scene before you.

"Sure thing! I'll make you into a fine swordsman!" The Flame Pillar exclaimed. Both Zenitsu and Inosuke joined in, all three praising the Flame Pillar. "I'll look aftet every single one of you! Even you Y/N!"


After that small praise party, you were all knocked out on your seats. You slept peacefully, your head tilted downwards. Your dream consisted of you in a field of flowers, laying on the grass.

"Being able to die while dreaming is a blessing..."

You shot your eyes open, looking around. You were sure you heard a voice. Seeing no danger near, you webt back to sleep but kept your guard up just in case.

[Dream Sequence]

"Ne, ne Y/N-chan... if you... didn't become a... demon slayer, what d-do you... think you'll be?" Your friend asked, her pink and white hair seemed a lot paler than last time, her voice weak and frail. Her honey eyes were now darkened as stray tears slid down her cheeks.

Tears streamed from your eyes, gritting your teeth. You stayed still, silent whimpers occasionally escaping your mouth. "Y/N... y-you didn't answer..." She repeated her question once again, gently holding your hand.

You brushed your hair away from your face, looking at her with a pained expression. "I-i.." You held her close, not caring if your hands got bloody. "A-a.. d-doctor... so I can help you n-next time..." The female smiled, she rested her forehead against yours, wiping your tears, causing blood to stain your cheeks.

"Don't worry... about me.., the kakushi.. is coming soon... they'll be able to save you..." She gave you a soft smile, her hand weakening. "In my next life... I'll be sure to find... a doctor..., alright?"

Your eyes widened as her body went limp, her corpse resting upon you. You glared at the decapitated demon head as it laughed with the remains of it's mouth.

The kakushi came in time, parting you with your friend's corpse. You resisted, shouting profanities as you tried reaching out to her. You screamed and kicked, scrambling to get to her.



[Dream End]


"Another dream?" You questioned, looking around in the dark space. You were in a F/C kimono and haori. You searched for your pouch and sword but you couldn't feel anything on the ground. A hand grabbed yours, pulling you up.

Suddenly, you were faced with two bright honey coloured eyes. A bright smile was placed on her face. Her hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail while she was wearing a pink kimono.

"Jeez Y/N, quick stumbling around!" Mayuki chuckled pulling you along. You realized you were still in the black void, running to nowhere in particular. You pulled your hand back, making her look back at you. "What's wrong?" She asked, making you frown.

"Where are we going? There's nothing here!" You backed away from her as she looked at you with her brows furrowed. "We're going to the festival of course! And we're in a village, now stop making a scene.." She trailed off, tilting her head.

"Village? Why can't I see or hear them?" You looked around but it remained the same. The only thing that was visible was Mayuki and you. "Wait... can I still..."

You closed your eyes in concentration before a few coloured lights were visible, however there wasn't any pink ones in front of you. "Wait... Red.. yellow..., Tanjiro and Kyojuro!" You looked beside you to see a pink and red one, hovering. "Nezuko..!"

You tried to wake up but to no avail. Mayuki looked at you worriedly, seeing you shake your head. "Y/N, what's wrong?" She sniffed, tears coming oit her eyes. She held your shoulders, eyes wide when she noticed your appearance change. You were back in your demon slayer uniform and so was she.

"Mayuki, this isn't real. You're not real..." You mumbled out, as she continued crying. "I know... but I wanted it to last..." She grabbed your blade, placing it in your hands. "You have to.. wake up!" She forced the blade into her, making your eyes widen. "MAYUKI!"

"That's...the only way..." The same scene from your real dream replayed in your mind before darkness consumed you.

[Taisho Secret!]

Y/N isn't able to see the dream fabricated in her mind due to her soul seeking technique!

Soul seeking let's her determine one's soul and other information such as their personality, health and age! Each person has a different colour but demons mostly have red!

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