Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

                I smile as I listen to the music the radio is playing as Kourtney dives Julie and at her place to do a little extra credit and sleep over. Well this will be fun. Ah. Me and my best buddies.

                "It's such a shame," Julie says.

                "What?" I ask.

                "You're cute and gay...," She sighs

                "I'm bi, not gay," I point out.

                "Sure...," Kourtney and Julie say at the same time.

                "Okay, maybe I like boys a little better...," I admit.

                "You're full gay, dude." Kourtney says flatly. I blush.

                "And you blush, which is another reason."

                "Shut up...," I mumble.

                "As you wish," Julie says as Kourtney parks into her driveway.

                We grabbed our things and we ran inside to start having fun.


                "AH!" I shout as we're hitting each other with pillows.

                "You're such a wimp," Julie and Kourtney tease and start tickling me. I laugh and struggle away from their mean evil fingers. I giggle and laugh.

                "Stop it!" I cry out in-between laughs.

                "Are you going to pee?" Kourtney teases.

                "I just might!" I lie and they stop with wide eyes. I curl up, panting and shaking a bit from the tickles "You guys are abusive to my body... tickling me like that," I accuse.

                "Aw but you know we love you," They say and kiss my cheeks and I burn red.

              "If you say so," I murmur and rest my head on Julie's lap as she plays with my hair and tries braiding it even though it's way too short for that.

              "Oh god that student teacher was so freaking hawt!!!!" Kourtney squeals and sighs.

              "Definitely," I say and sigh too.

             "Yeah... Wonder if any of the major popular sluts are going to seduce him...," Julie ponders.

                "Nah... He's way too hot for them..." Kourtney says.

                "Wanna look him up on the web?" Julie asks.

                "Sure," Kourtney replies.

            "You two are stalkers...," I mutter and sit on Kourtney's lap. She ruffles my hair and we giggle.

                "You are so cute," She coos. I burn so red and hide my face.

                "Just be stalkers and look him up," I mutter. They grin and Kourtney grabs her laptop and begins to search up the name Jace Griffin.

                "DAMN~!" Julie says along with Kourtney with wide shocked eyes.

                "What?" I ask.

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