Chapter Four

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Today is the day, I thought to myself as I leapt out of bed. Today is the day I will be going to Hogwarts. The school of Mudbloods and Muggle-loving twits. Hurray.

When I entered the kitchen, tears were streaming down Aunt Narcissa's face. Uncle Lucius had a straight face, although it appeared as though he was also on the verge of tears. Aunt ran over to me and gave me a great big hug. I buried my face in her shoulders, and wrapped my arms around her neck. "It's a shame you have to go to Hogwarts rather than a better school such as Durmstrang," grunted Uncle Lucius.

"We talked about this, Lucius," said Aunt Narcissa. Lucius just shrugged his shoulders and strode off down the hall.
"I'm sick of this!" yelled Aunt Narcissa. She grabbed a knife off the table, and slammed the blade into the wood.

"THAT IS MAHOGANY!!!" Shouted Uncle Lucius from the other lounge. Suddenly, he appeared next to us. He walked over to Aunt Narcissa, and shouted in her face. He was shouting insults left right and centre, nasty ones at that. Saliva was flying from his mouth into Aunt's face. She looked disgusted and began bawling again. Uncle Lucius left in a huff.

"I will take you and Draco to King's Cross Station this morning at 10.30am to be there at 10.45am. The train departs at 11.00 so you need to be ready by then, otherwise you will miss the train."

"We have to go by train?" complained Draco. He can be such a spoilt brat sometimes.
"Yes dear," answered Aunt Narcissa. "Quickly children, have some breakfast."

I went to the cupboard and grabbed my favourite cereal, 'Wild Weeties'. These are small flakes that are enchanted to run around your bowl so you have to catch them to eat them. They are the best things for when you don't feel like eating, but Aunt makes you eat. They're the best for it because if you leave them long enough flying around, they start to crumble and become inedible. It's also good for your reflexes. After all, if I want to be on the Slytherin Quidditch Team as Seeker, I will need quick reflexes and response times. I've been practising Quidditch in the backyard. However, Draco has always been Seeker with me as Chaser. Uncle Lucius invites our cousins over, Greg, Vince, Blaise and Millicent to play as well. Greg and Vince play Beaters, Blaise is Keeper and Millicent is the other Chaser. We play against the adults. Uncle Lucius as Keeper, Aunt Narcissa as Chaser, Aunt Lucila as Chaser, Uncle Narcissus and Uncle Ansel as Beaters and finally, Aunt Ginevra as Seeker. Millicent's father is referee and her mother doesn't play because she is always pregnant. Millicent's siblings hate Quidditch so they never play, plus there is like, seven siblings, with an eighth on the way. We have just stopped congratulating her on births because there has been so many of them. Millicent has 2 younger siblings and 5 older siblings. She has 3 brothers and 4 sisters.

So anyway, back to reality. I finish my 'Wild Weeties' and start loading up our Ministry cars, that Uncle was leant from the Ministry of Magic, and hop in the back seat. Aunt Narcissa comes out of the Manor and gets in the passenger seat whilst Draco gets in the back next to me. The Ministry chauffeur clicks on his seatbelt and starts the car.


Sorry about the cliffhanger and extended period of time between Chapter 3 and 4 but I left it because I wasn't sure if anyone was reading. Then earlier today, I checked and it said 1.44K has read it, and I was so overwhelmed. Thank you so much everyone, and happy reading.

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