daniel - fever

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"J-Jo Jo" Daniel mumbled, rubbing his eyes with his closed fist as he padded into the living room.

Jonah shifted his attention to his boyfriend who was unsteadily stumbling towards him.

"Hey baby, what's wrong?" Jonah asked, reaching out to grab Daniel's waist and bring him onto his lap.

"I don't feel good." Daniel whined softly, nuzzling his warm forehead into Jonah's neck.

Jonah's brow furrowed as he looked up at the other boys who were looking at the blonde in Jonah's lap sympathetically. Every time Daniel got sick he was always very clingy and always wanted to be held by someone, and would often end up crying if he was by his own for even a second.

"I'll go get a bucket just in case." Zach muttered, quickly heading for the kitchen.

"Can one of you guys get a thermometer?" Jonah asked softly, rubbing small circles on his whimpering boyfriend's back.

Jack nodded, silently getting up to get a thermometer and a cold towel.

"'M c-cold J-Jo." Daniel slurred, his body shifting as he scratched a forming rash on his arm.

Corbyn, who had heard the ocean eyed boy's small voice, reached for the throw blanket resting on the couch, draping it over Daniel.

"T-Thank yo-you." Daniel stuttered, cuddling into the blanket.

Jack and Zach came back into the living room, Zach placing the bucket by Jonah as Jack placed the thermometer in Daniel's mouth before gently laying the cold cloth on the back of his neck. Jonah gently swayed the 2 of them together as they all waited for the beep.

When the thermometer let out a small beep, Jack pulled it out of Daniel's mouth, letting out a small huff as he looked at the number.

"102.8" Jack muttered, rubbing a hand over his head.

Daniel whimpered suddenly, shifting painfully on Jonah's lap as he let out a small sob.

"Sh sh sh, what's wrong baby?" Jonah asked the blonde, tracing letters into his trembling back.

"I-It hur-hurts." Daniel cried, rubbing his fists over his stomach as he tried to relieve the pain.

"It's okay. Sh sh, wanna take some medicine?" Jonah asked, swaying softly as he took Daniel's hands in his, kissing each of his knuckles tenderly.

Daniel barely nodded but that was enough for Corbyn to head off to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of liquid painkillers.

"Here." Corbyn handed the bottle to Jonah.

"Here baby, open up.' Jonah cooed, filling up the measuring cup with the right measurements before pouring it into Daniel's mouth.

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