The Beginning- Caskett story

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Chapter 1:

After being sent home from the precinct by Capitan Gates, which was not an order for once. Beckett accepted the fact and just went along with it. The part she was not expecting was turning up at Castle's loft when she told him to take her home.

"Castle just take me home, please." Beckett asked softly as she handed him her keys. With Castle driving through the city Kate didn't really pay attention, she was too tired. He pulled into his parking garage and she still didn't notice. It wasn't until she open the door of the cruiser, did she fully process what was happening.

"Kate, just come up." Castle pleaded with her. Beckett giving in because she thought the sooner this happens the faster I can sleep. Finally reaching Castle's loft, he guided her to the couch. Leaving her shoes and coat by the front door. "We will talk tomorrow, but first we need to sleep. I will take the couch and you can have my bedroom."

Beckett stood up and started walking when she stopped half way to his study. "Please, we can share a bed. I don't want to be alone right now." He got up and continued the path through his study and into his bedroom. Once getting in there he went straight to his draws to get a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt for Kate to wear so she would have to have bloody ones. Neither of them could be bothered having a shower to wash away the dirt and blood from the past several hours. After handing her the clothes, he went into his closet to change into his own, giving her the privacy.

Going straight to his side of the bed and Kate going to the other, they simply slipped under the luxurious sheets. Drawing to each other for the warmth and comfort, with Kate lying on her side Rick pulled her closer and drew an arm around her stomach. Fitting together perfectly, they both drifted off to sleep with a smile on their face which had been absent for too long.

Kate woke up to the bright sun glairing through the uncovered windows, slowly coming to terms with that in was a lot warmer than it is in her bed. This bed is a lot more softer and expensive than mine, with that she slowly rolled over and open her eyes. Kate came face to face with a sleeping Richard Castle. Smiling slightly in his sleep, with every couple of breaths making a small sound. Even in his sleep he still looked handsome, and noticeably younger than during the light of day.

Castle felt movement in his bed, but was too comfortable to fully wake. Pulling whose ever body was next to his closer. As he did he realised he knew that distinct smell. Cherries. Even through the tough day that was yesterday she, Katherine Beckett, still managed to smell the same.

Open his eyes slowly; he stared directly into her beautiful big brown eyes. She had a smile on her face even though it seemed early. He wished he could wake up to that smile and those eyes for the rest of his life. He would give up all the fame and fortune and still be in incredibly happy man. This is what effect she had on him, Kate was one of the three people he would happily die for(the other being Alexis and his mother).

"Good morning." He simply stated.

"Good morning to you too." Kate still in the warmth of his arm around her stomach. "What is the time?"

"6:47, when do you have to be back at the precinct?"

"Gates gave me the rest of the week off."

"That was incredibly nice of her considering its only Thursday."

"Yeah, a four day weekend. I haven't had one of them for a while."

Castle kept thinking he really needed to move out of this embrace; otherwise he would do something he would regret for the rest of his life. Like kissing her. This is the only thing he was thinking of since he carefully open his eyes minutes ago. "Kate about yesterday…you could have died, yet again." He said cautiously, because he knew she didn't like it when he brought it up.

"I know it has been one to many. You could have died too". Surprising him by not accusing him of anything. " I don't want to lose you and today had shown me not to waste my chances."

Kate slowly closed the little gap that was between both of them; with Castle bring himself closer to her at the same time. Their lips meet at the same time. Her lips were incredibly soft and his were like a wave of satin sweeping over her body. Castle pushed the kiss deeper, with Kate responding in the right way and not backing of from him. The kiss ended abruptly with both of them needing air if they wanted to continue. Both opening their eyes, they gazed into each other's for what seemed like hours drifted down to their lips that had a broad smile that was there since they desperately needed air.

"Kate… I love you." Declared with such sincerity, that she knew it was true. Kate immediately drifted back into his lips. This was different from the one they shared moments ago. This one became more passionate faster with both of them fighting for dominance. Kate wanted this to go further, like she had whished it had for such a long time (not that she often thought of this.) Without breaking contact Kate got on top of Castle. When they did finally break apart, her words did not register with Castle for a few seconds. "I love you too, Rick."

When his brain finally caught up with her words, a huge smile formed across his face which resulted in the same doing the same. He waited for this day when Kate said I love you, it had been over four years since their partnership had begun. So much had changed during this time. Castle had gained some true friends, Beckett had seen a more loving side to her favourite author, her team had the highest closer rate in the city, they had lost a captain and Beckett had been shot. But the biggest change was that she was no longer a conquest, Kate had become some he loved deeply. He hadn't even loved his ex-wives this much even when they were married and this feeling for Kate had been established even before they had a relationship.

That night they both fully gave themselves to another being, like neither had done before.

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