I'm Pregnant And He Doesn't Want Me 6

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A month on and you can finally tell that I'm not pregnant and I haven't just let myself go like Zane said a few weeks ago ... how rude! He seems to be okay with the fact that Riley is living with us now.

"C'mon Riley get up!" I nagged pushed and nudging at my lazy boyfriend to get out of bed. We had a ten o'clock appointment with the nurse for an ultrasound, we were going to find out the sex today and I didn't want to be late. He groaned and rolled over so he was facing the wall away from me. "Fine! I'm going to get ready you better be up when I get back!" I grumped and got off the bed taking my clothes and walking in to the bathroom.

I washed my hair, shaved my legs and did what all girls do when they shower and they dried off and changed in to my black leggings and bright flowery top. Riley was walking around the bedroom going through drawers when I got out. I smiled, he listened for once. "Good morning." He greeted me with a kiss on the lips and a warm hug. "How are you feeling this morning?" he asked curiously as he let me go and pulled on shirt.

"I'd feel even better if you had got up when you were supposed to." I frowned kissing him back.

He chuckled. "I'm sorry baby, won't happen again." He kissed my forehead and we walked out of the bedroom down stairs to the empty kitchen. Zane was already at work. I feel like I haven't seen him much over the last few weeks.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Riley asked as he walked to the bridge.

"Hmm ... fresh fruit? And juice sounds good to me baby." I smile and him. He smiles back. I can't help but be the happiest I've been in months. Riley's back to normal, he's getting along with his brother and we're having a baby. Amazing.

He fixed me a plate a fruit and poured me a glass of apple juice and made himself some toast and a coffee and we ate breakfast together before we left.

"Are you excited to find out Gab?" he asked as he took my hand as we walked to the doctors office. I was bouncing up and down, I was so nervous but excited.

"Yep. I think it's gonna be a little boy." I grinned.

He laughed and nodded in agreement. "Yeah me too." He kissed the top of my head and we walked in to the doctors suite. Mt breathing quickened when they called us in, I was becoming more nervous.

"Nothing to worry about Gabrielle, it's normal to be nervous." The nurse commented when she saw Riley take my hand as I gave him an uneasy look. He squeezed my hand.

The nurse instructed me to get up on the bed and pull my top up. I did as I was told and she started the exam. A few minutes later, it was confirmed. We were indeed having a little boy. We had seen close ups of his little feet and his little arms, he was amazing and I wanted him to pop out straight away. I was awed.

"You were right." Riley grinned at me cheekily as I wiped the goo off my belly and pulled my top back down. I grinned back at him.

"He's amazing." I whispered.

"Bet you can't wait to tell Zane." He chuckled as he helped me off the bed. He took my hand and held the ultrasound pictures in the other hand.

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