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Lee sighs before walking over to the shiny leather couch, "hyung. The number is on the form, use the phone that's placed right next to you to call." The older who has just been bright and smiley was now sulking and rested his arms flat onto the polished desk, "ugh... you can't even put in a call for me... hmph."

Knowing that this was all for Yeontan, the male picked up the phone tirelessly and groan while typing in the numbers, "why do we even have such an old phone..." he murmured before resting the the telephone near his ears. The other who was still resting on the couch replied sarcastically, "Oh I don't know, maybe because someone said it'll make his office look more badass if they had an old timey telephone? Oh wait and they mentioned how every single mafia leader had one so he ne-"

Just before Lee could finish, the ringing on the olders end stopped and subconsciously Taehyung placed his fingers in front of his lips as to quiet the male down. Lee yawned and slumped back onto the couch before crossing his arms over his chest, ready to hear whatever nonsense the man had to spill this time.

Once the call went through a sophisticated voice could be heard, not too loud and extremely clear, "Hello? Who is this?"

Taehyung tried spinning around his wheelie chair but because of the wire connecting the telephone to its holder he couldn't causing him to frown, "ah yes, this is Kim Taehyung. I'd like you to come to my office for a propositions, about your debt of course. Oh and if you don't know the address I'll just send some people to go get you."

The call became quiet on the other side, too quiet almost, did this fucker mute me... Taehyung thought before the voice on the other side came back, less confident this time, "i-I'm sorry I don't know the address.... there's no need for you to send anyone uh, you can just tell me the address..." The older chuckled and waved his hands at Lee before replying, "it's cool, my friends will pick you up, bye."

Once the call had ended the male on the couch had already left for the halls, the older could hear Lee instruct the others, "XXX street Apt. XX, XXXX. Male, 5'10" he lives alone so grab him and bring him here. If he puts up a fight just knock him out, if he gets seriously hurt you'll all also get seriously hurt. By me."

The lackies took this information and headed off before Taehyung poked his head out his office, "Hey Lee when are we leaving Korea for the conference?" The male turned around and sighed, "tomorrow... i thought you were so frantic in finding that dog a sitter because you knew?" With his face in a surprised O shape the older sat back down onto his wheelie chair and took out a random iPad. "Today I shall play... hmmm idk lets find a new game..."

That iPad was filled to the brim with garbage applications that Taehyung had downloaded over the week and after each week Lee would just delete the least engaged ones, meaning almost all but 2. The olders job was basically to make sure all those in debt to their branch pays it all off and for those who don't in a specific time given, well they can get fed to his families crocodiles and cute fishes. So a loan shark.

But when it comes to paper work, the older does approximately none of it and all of it ends up in Lee's hands. The male had been with Taehyung almost all his life due to his families undying loyalty to serve the Kim's since long ago. But instead of treating Lee like a lackey, the two can be seen as close friends.

They'd bicker like best friends and honestly without Lee, Taehyung's father would've definitely been too afraid to pass the branch down to the older even if that meant him dying without passing it at all.

Chatting to himself with Lee answering in small, "hm"s and "mm"s, the door to his office finally opened after an hour. Two of his men were dragging a young boy in their arms and he seemed to be half conscious. Taehyung walked over to the youngster and lifted his head by pulling his hair up. "Hello there, I'm Kim Taehyung."

The introduction came out cheerfully but the boy didn't seem to like it and just scowled at the older. Confused at this the male cocked his head and waved his hands for the two men to leave. Now that there was only the three of them in the room, Taehyung, lee and the boy. The older asked, "Hey, why do you look so upset? I introduced myself nicely...?"

The younger who had fell onto the floor after being let go of by the two men was by Taehyung's feet and looked up, "well sir, your men beat the crap out of me and everywhere hurts so I'm a little upset."

Lee who was still on the couch chuckled to himself before staring back at his phone, "guess you were a feisty one when they tried bringing you here huh?"

Hearing this from the male, Taehyung chuckled as well, "haha, you must've given them a tough time huh? One million dollars in debt at 21... what are you? A gambler? Or do you fake being rich towards some little girl friends? Haha just kidding I shouldn't pry, you might get embarrassed right? Anyways you can pay that all off if you worked for me. 5 years. You'll work for me for 5 years. Easy right?"

The boy who was still on the floor staring up at the man coughed a little before responding, "d-don't you think that's overboard?"

Taehyung squatted down eye level to the younger and whispered, "I'm not one million dollars in debt now am I? Jeon Jeongguk."


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