So, We Meet Again!

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Nuzzle stared out the window of her apartment, her eyes half-closed. Boring around here, she sighed, then shot up as a Malware hurried up to the window, shattering it with his bat. She shrieked in horror, jumping back.
"Wait!" The Malware paused, lowering his bat, "I've seen you before.." He circled her. "I think you were the Program I decided to spare not too long ago, my name is Azure, you?"
"Uh..Nuzzle..? Wh—"
"I don't like nuzzles," Azure cut her off.
"My name is Nuzzle," she narrowed her eyes a little. "My bad," Azure shrugged, "Not good with names, many are unnamed here anyways.."
"That's fine, I completely understand!" Nuzzle blinked happily. "You're very friendly!" Azure sounded surprised, why? "I'm a Program, what did you expect?" She giggled. Azure rubbed his head, he seems to be enjoying this moment, but is half-uncomfortable or embarrassed. She then realized, wait, what am I doing, why am I being friendly to a Malware!? Have I gone mad? Has friendliness blinded me?
"I think you should leave now," Nuzzle sighed, hoping he would understand. "Why?" Hurt rang in his voice. "You very well know why, Firewalls will see me as a traitor, as well as other programs, I'll be punished, or worse, and who knows what'll happen to you!"
"I'll probably be mining bits for days, not that bad," Azure didn't seem intimidated by the consequences at all! "Well I fear the outcome.." Nuzzle sighed. Azure nodded, "I understand," and he wandered away.

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