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adv. in spite of everything

adj. heedless; unmindful

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in which hirai momo has to get her shit together to be with minatozaki sana.


this fic contains the following triggering content:

substance use and abuse
mentions of homophobia


basically this fic is a spin off of recollection (a jenlisa fic) but you don't need to read that before reading this, the characters there will appear here.

this is set in summer of 2020, a year after the happenings in recollection.

and as this is an alternative universe, covid doesn't exist here, but y'all don't forget to practice social distancing.

the setting is in san francisco, california.

despite this being fanfiction, please don't redistribute this in anyway or form, strictly no adaptation or translation of this fic. respect that please.

enjoy reading to those samo stans!

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