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Nicky and I were together playing at the arcade. He beat me on a ton of games because he's a gaming dork. I giggled and saw he was kind of proud of himself. Seeing him like that made me happy yet determined to beat him. I casually lead him to the claw machine that had tons of stuffed animals in it. I smiled, "First one to get a stuffed animal wins!"

He grinned and nodded, "Got it!"

He put his quarters in and tried to get the bunny plushie blushing. I pouted and hugged him leaning to the side to see. I saw him mess up and flinch for him to press the button and i snickered. He groaned and pouted looking at me. I giggled and put my dollar in trying to get the fox plush. When i was moving the claw he kissed my cheek making me gasp and go another direction and i looked over at him pouting and giggling, "I still can-"

I was gonna rest my hand on the side of the desk it gave but i pressed the button instead and i squeaked. He started to chuckle and i got embarrassed crossing my arms, "S-shut it!"

He smiled and got ready to play staying on guard with me. I hummed on the side of the machine staring through the glass and once he hovered over the bunny I pushed the stick to the side right before he pressed the button and I giggled, "Oopsieee~ My turn!"

He huffed and let me go and knowing he was gonna do something I kept my eye on him. Once i was ready to press the button I stared at him and pressed tbe button and he started to laugh making me confused but i looked at the claw and saw I missed it. I huffed because i was too busy looking at him instead of paying attention to where it was. He smirked and got the claw over the bunny and i stared at him annoyed but i wasn't planning on doing anything. I pouted then looked at the claw and saw he had the bunny in it.

I groaned then saw it drop right before it could get to drop in the prize box. It went silent until I broke the silence with laughter, "You're so unlucky like-"

I continued laughing and saw him irritated. I smiled and went to the fox and pressed the button. Once it was in the claw it made it's way to the prize box. Once it dropped I smiled happily a d grabbed the fox hugging it. He sighed but smiled. I stuck my tongue out and started giggling. He chuckled, "If you didn't hug me i would've gotten it!"

I rolled my eyes and smiled, "With your luck, you would've probably broke the machine if i didn't get it! hehe"

He laughed and I blushed lightly then handed him the fox. He paused and stared at it confused but took it. I giggled, "It's for you! For being such a good sport and actually dealing with me!"

He blushed and smiled, "Well I can deal with you anyday and what i mean by anyday is everyday after this!"

I pouted and blushed. He gave me the fox back but I crossed my arms so he had to have it. I smiled until he put it in my arms and i paused. "Y-you bish-"

He chuckled and hugged me, "Thanks but you earned it"

I shook my head, "But i was playing dirty!"

He smiled, "Well you did give me a chance and i failed."

"....W-well I don't want it!"

I pushed it into his arms and moved back. He sighed and kept the fox. He smiled, "Fine I'll take the fox if i can have a kiss~"

I blushed and looked away with a nod. He smirked and stared at me so I hesitantly leaned in and gave a breif kiss. It was still enough to make me too flustered to say anything so he said, "I love youuuu~"

I mumbled, "I love you too.."

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