Chapter 2: love at first fight

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Oceana pier
Crossing the pier, passing by grazing Fletchling(bird Pokemon), and a guy shouting something about a trip to Hoenn, Ray stumbles upon a sight that awakens some repressed memories, kids in school uniforms.

(Flashback 2 years ago)
Unova region
Castelia city
Castelia middle School
Castelia city is one of the biggest cities in Unova, therefore it's school was high maintenance, the kids we're all rich snubs, Ray was also rich but that did nothing for him personality wise, the kids in school were by the book, all liking the same thing, same music, same movies, same games etc, however the dark skinned boy enjoyed some weird stuff, like combining different snacks together, reading manga, shouting Pokemon moves aloud and posing strangely, to top it all off, he was honest to a fault so he didn't hide his true nature from the others

During an assembly after saying their school anthem, all the students put their right hand to their chest, however Ray cover the left side of his face with it and made a menacing face, the others looked at him confused as heck.

In the Cafeteria, Ray had a sandwich with peanut butter in it, yet he added soy sauce on top of it.

"Dude are you sure that's a good idea?" A boy passing by said.

"Yep, the spicy taste of the sauce, the sweetness of the bread and the peanut butter come together perfectly!" Ray said as he took a bite making the others feel disgusted.

In class some students were talking about their favorite artists,actors and trainers

"Did you hear DJ Leo's new song 'dig it out alola'? A girl with green hair said as she sat on her desk.

"Yah I did it's awesome, I think it's going to be in the new movie 'Kalos 7' with the famous actress Diantha, she's so hot!" A boy with an Afro said while smiling.

"Lance the dragon master is going to be in it too right? Hey Ray are you excited for the movie?" Another girl with pink hair tied into a ponytail asked.

"Not really... The manga is better, there the protagonist is a guy with a magikarp that faces evil, while in the movie it's a girl with a shaymin....." Ray blabbed out until he saw his classmates had ignored his rant and continued their discussion without him, making him feel even more left out.

These events were just a small portion of what he experienced in school, becoming an outcast for having his own special individuality and not following the norms, one of the main reasons his not fond of his home region Unova.

"Hey kid, kid! You okay?" A man with a gray shirt said to Ray who was spaced out.

"Oh yah am fine..." Ray said calmly.

"You look gloomy, Gearan just up ahead" the man informed him.

Ray thanked the man and headed for the south gate of Gearan.

Gearan south gate
Ray entered the gates to find a receptionist calling him she had brown hair and wore a white dress, her name was Mable and she collected his trainer card since he didn't have any more passports.
Mable then got up from her desk and moved to another receptionist wearing the same dress, with Ray behind her.

"Hey Sable, I need you to verify this trainer's card, if not you what will happen to him" Mable said with a Stern face.

"Hai hai got it!" Sable said as put the card into a computer and pulled it out again.

Mable collected the card and handed it back to Ray.

"Congratulations Ray, your a verified trainer of Aevium now! Good luck"

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