Part 4

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//whats up gang, i think this was last updated about 2 years ago, so thanks for sticking around :)//

//also i was thinking about deltora quest the other day and wasnt it wild how it was made into an anime like wild times, anyway enjoy//

Jasmine was led down the stairs by her handmaiden. Taking care to not step on the hem of her dress, she wobbled slightly, her handmaiden held her arm.

"it takes some getting used to", jasmine smiled

her maid nodded and reassured her, "youre not the first to struggle getting used to this life, and you wont be the last."

the two of them stopped right before a large pair of oak doors, they were about to enter the first major event since leif's coronation, the Spring Ball. the energy surrounding the event had been strange, many citizens of Del struggled with remembering traditions and cornerstones of life before the dark times. Jasmine knew how important it was to be an example for those around her, but she couldnt help the feeling that she was wrong for the job.

pushing the doors open, she waved goodbye to her maid and jasmine entered the ballroom alone. glancing around, she picked out familiar faces.

barda, slightly intoxicated, stood laughing with a stoney faced doom, they made eye contact and doom smiled, jasmine felt some of her butterflies fly away.

Lief stood underneath an elaborate chandelier, she felt some of the butterflies return. He seemed to be maturing more and more every day, with his noble smile shining nearly as bright as the belt of deltora around his waist.

The person he was talking to suddenly stopped and pointed as Jasmine, and Lief's attention shifted. His once confident grin was now overshadowed by the red blush that covered his cheeks and ears. Jasmine quietly laughed to herself, no matter how adult he seemed to be, in the end, he was still a teenager, and teenagers can not be expected to be confident infront of the girl they like.

"Jasmine! You look incredible!"

Now was jasmine's turn to blush, she felt the entire room go quiet as lief's loud compliment bounced around the room, she didnt dare look in doom's direction.

"lief..." jasmine spoke more quietly, "thank you..."

the party resumed around them and lief and jasmine were left alone.

"im sorry for being so brash... that... that was dumb, but you really do look..... well you know..."

jasmine cracked a smile.

"i can assure you, your highness, i do not know, please, would yu like to tell me again? i think some people in Tora did not hear you."

Lief rolled his eyes and softly punched her arm.

"Funny. I didnt picture you as the courts royal jester."

"i have many hidden talents."

"is one of them dancing?"

"you know i have two left- oh!"

jasmine blinked, "um... there isnt anyone else youd rather ask?"

lief shuffled uncomfortably, "if you dont want to thats fine-"

"no i do-"

"no ill ask-"

Jasmine took lief's hand.

"I-... I said I do."

Lief sighed and grinned once again.

"im glad."

the music swelled and jasmine placed Lief's hand on her waist and put her on his shoulder, and they began to dance.

//i hope that was enough to last you the next few years ;), stay safe//

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