"So, a fancy stick."

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 The last thing Percy saw, was white.

A bright, blinding white, that felt like a sense of peace to her. She sat through the dark that came after the bright light. It was calming, relaxing. When she woke up, it was anything but.

From what Percy remembered, the war with Gaia is over, she remembers fighting the earth queen. She remembers Andrew yelling her name as she was taken by the blinding light.

Percy woke up on a sidewalk, face-first on the ground. She gasped and pushed herself up, coughing on choked up air, some blood coming out. She groaned as she flipped onto her back, blinking her eyes rapidly, getting used to the blue sky and clouds. She heard some footsteps running towards her, asking if she was okay. She felt too tired to answer, so she just closed her eyes, wanting to go back to that calming peace she was in. She heard the boys voice telling her to stay awake, but she didn't care to listen.

Harry was having a good morning. He was up before his aunt, got his chores done early, the Dursleys were out and was now going to go for a walk to the park close by. That was when he saw a girl laying on the ground, unconscious. She had black hair and tanned skin, she looked Greek. But what startled him most were the injures she had. Her leg was bent out of place, she had multiple cuts from what looked like swords on her arms and sides that seemed to be encrusted with dried blood. Her head was also bleeding. He stopped, startled as she gasped, and started to cough violently, some blood coming out. As she took deep breaths she turned onto her back, blinking.

"Hey, are you okay?" Harry walked up to the girl on the curb. He noticed her closing her eyes slowly. "Hey, can you wake up? You need to stay awake. Uh, what's your name?" She didn't answer. Harry didn't know what to do. He ran up to her and crouched, her breaths becoming a little more shallow. What surprised him, even more, is that the water on the ground from the rain the night before surrounded her and soaked her. But she was dry, and all her injuries were healing. She must be a witch, Harry thought to himself. He looked around to see if anyone saw, concluding that no one did, he started to awkwardly pick her up and carry her into the house and upstairs to his room.

As Percy went back into the abyss of her unconsciousness, a woman appeared. She had paleish skin and brown hair with brown eyes. She immediately knew this was Hecate, goddess of magic, or witchcraft.

"Lady Hecate," Percy says with a curt nod. She gives a smirk.

"You are right. I have been informed by the Fates that you were sent back in time-" Hecate was cut of by the girl with wide eyes.

"What?! Back in time?" Percy demanded, the goddess rolling her eyes.

"Yes. Now if you'll let me finish, I was going to explain it to you," Hecate tells her, Percy bites her lip and nods for her to continue. "Now. I was told that you were blessed by all of the 12 olympians, including me. The Fates told me that you were sent back in time to help with another war. The war is in my pet world. The wizarding world. The person who found you is Harry Potter. He is known as the 'Boy-Who-Lived' as he survived the killing curse from Voldemort-"

"Moldy-sorts?" Percy repeated horribly while laughing at the name, earning a glared from the Lady of Magic. "Sorry."

"Yes, Voldemort. He is of my descendant, he has monsters on his side. You will go with the Order of the Pheonix and help them. Dumbledore, my son, will fill you in on everything and he knows your heritage to the extent of you being of demigod origin. But to the rest of them, you will have no memory of anything before you were found by Potter. You have traveled 13 years into the past. You are not permitted to go to the states as you would be about 3 by now and it could inter-"

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