Chapter 4~ Kyle

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Things are dropping quickly. Two weeks ago, I was debating whether or not to tell Shay how I feel about her. Two weeks ago, we were all sneaking out of our houses to meet up at a bar or club an hour away. Two weeks ago, I was trying to pull my B- up to a B+. Now, all I can focus on is where Alexis is. She's a good friend of mine, and it's up to us to find her. 

There is one thing I have to do first before I can cut everything out. 

It's Monday night, about 7 o'clock. The sun just lowered into the ground, and the moon has appeared high up in the sky, shining down on all of us. I finished all my homework, even though I probably just wrote down random answers. So much for trying to get my grades up. 

I took a quick shower before I left. I needed to make sure my dark brown skin looked clean, and I smelled alright. My black hair looked fine from the buzz cut I got on Saturday. Shay really likes when people look nice, so I put on a light blue button up shirt and tucked it into my dark blue jeans. 

Apparently, girls like it when guys look nice.

I went down stairs and my mama immediately came up to me.

"Dear, where are you going looking so nice?" She asks me, looking at my outfit.

"Out" I reply, trying to walk away from her, but she stops me.

"It better not be for that girl you like" Mama states, sounding angry and disappointed.

"What's wrong with her, and how did you know?" I question.

"Your phone was going off all night a couple weeks ago from that Alexis girl. She kept asking if you had asked her out yet, or if you told her, and what she said" she answers, and walks back over to where she was mixing what looked like goop and smelled like poop, but I didn't ask about that.

"You didn't answer my first question" I snap. She begins to mix all the stuff together until it all is together.

"She's a bad girl. She will ruin your grades. They already are ruined enough from the girl's disappearance. You don't need her making it any worse. You're almost seventeen years old. You can not afford to get worse than a B" mama replies. 

"How is she a bad girl? What did she do to you?" I ask, walking closer to her. 

"Just go do homework or study or something. You are not to go see her, am I clear?" She states, but I walk out the door. I hear her scream after me, but I start up my car, and drive away as fast as I can.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I get to Shay's house at about 7:30. The shower had taken me awhile, and my mom fighting with me didn't help me get here any faster. I park in their driveway. After checking to make sure I look alright in the mirror, I wipe my hands on my jeans to get rid of some of the sweat. If you can't figure it out already, I'm sort of really nervous.

I take a deep breath, and walk up to their door. 





Then the door opens. My father always taught me to wait ten seconds before knocking or ringing the door bell again. My father is in the army. He has been there for two years. I have four sisters and two brothers. My sisters are Julianna, who is thirty and lives in Kansas for some odd reason, Adelene, who is twenty and is in college at some community college an hour away- my mom doesn't want any of us to end up like her- my third sister is Iris, who is ten years old and helps my mom a lot more than any of us, and my other sister is Lucia, who is three years old and causes a lot of stress for my mother. My first brother is named Jordan, and is thirty as well, he and Julianna are twins. My other brother, Colin, is almost two years old. My mother found out she was pregnant right after dad left. He only left to help get us some money, but I wish he was still here.

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