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I wanted to make Serenity darkskin but I'm not playing into the dark bitter baby momma that's jealous of the pretty mixed girlfriend narrative smd I'm not doing it. My next book though.. I found some more chocolate girls through tiktok so just know...

12,385 words. The gworls is mad I waited so long to update when they could've just voted and kept out my pm being rude. And I've been working on a maybe second book. So enjoy this chapter and the next considering this might be my last book. 900 votes for the next chapter babes.

 900 votes for the next chapter babes

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𝘝𝘰𝘵𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘊𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵

"This the friend you was talking about?" Jeramiah looked over at India after Del introduced them. She didn't usually come with Del when the girl decided to go out with other people but the idea of her friend hanging out with so many boys at once made her uncomfortable. You couldn't put anything pasts anyone nowadays.


"She look like she don't wanna be here." His friend began laughing. This is when India usually decided to go home. When it turned into a 'fuck with her and make her feel bad about herself' session.

"She just shy. Right India?"  Instead of responding she just nodded. It smelt like weed.

"Y'all still in high school?"

"Huh?" India looked at him confused. She'd just turned 16.

"You sixteen right?"

"Yeah.. why? Y'all grown or something?"

"Not grown, I just graduated last year." The boy Del was sitting next to turned his attention to her and she shrugged his hand off of her shoulder.

"Relax India ain't nothing bad about to happen." Del laughed and they all turned their attention to whoever was coming through the door being loud.

"Stop fucking trying me I swear I been keeping my cool but-"


"Stop fucking playing bro!" The girl pushed him and he pushed her back. Everyone thought it'd turn into a fight but the boy just kissed her when he got her to calm down then turned back around to speak to whoever he came in to see.

The hell.

India was appalled.

"How you been?" Khalil went to dap him up but got ignored. Instead he pulled out two one hundreds and stood back while Khalil went through his duffel bag and pulled out purple packages India had never seen in her life. It looked like candy or something went in there but she knew damn well it was weed. She wasn't that slow. It smelled strong.

"No hi? No how you doing?" Jeramiah joked around with him but got ignored, then a girl sitting next to Devon began speaking and the boy finally opened his mouth.

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