i got an insecure question, you sure you still love me?

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okay, last nights dream was weird as hell. i was going back to school so i was excited but since they were still being careful with corona, we were only on like small groups. in my group i had all of my best friends and i was so excited, I gave one of them a tight hug (which is weird bc we rarely ever hug) and when i was hanging out with her, she seemed like more submissive than usual. like we joke around and call her a bottom all the time but this was different. you know spinel before and after she's corrupted? she's usually the after one (like the one with the diamonds) but she was acting like spinel when rose was still alive. it was weird as hell. and i noticed when i hugged her, she was acting very smol (like you know when someone's a smol bean?? yeah)

nothing super big happened today, i started welcome to nightvale, i tried chia seeds/flaxseeds with blueberry pancakes, i tried this salad that had tuna and lemon in it, and i tried vanilla ice cream with pineapple chunks, and OMIGOSH I TOTALLY FORGOT-

i watched quite possibly one of the best scooby doo movies ever. obviously nothing will ever top the ones staring matthew lilard, sara michelle gellar, freddy prinze jr, and, the true gay crush, linda cardellini <3 (she will forever be my first childhood crush :)) velma was ethnic in this one (i'm pretty sure hispanic or latinx) and i was in love, the way they built the friendship between shaggy and scooby had me sobbing, and mr. dastardly freaking made the movie. i loved watching wacky races when i was younger and to see him in this one made me so happy. i did have some notes, bringing you know who back kinda devalued their sacrifice, and scooby definitely should not have talked as much as he did, but i did appreciate that they used a similar storyline to scooby doo 2: monsters unleashed but they still did their own thing.

nothing else. buh bye!


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