How To Increase Traffic To Fiverr Gig and Sales

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Fiverr is a brilliant website for both sellers and buyers. For sellers though, it can be pretty tough getting off of the starting line and get some sales in. This is done by increasing traffic to the gig.

Write a great description

The description of the gig needs to be well written, and done in such a way that it makes sense. It should be descriptive and fully detail what is going to be done, as well as getting in the main keyword a few times. Since the buyer will know exactly what to expect, they are much more likely to buy the gig there and there. Having a great, high quality photo will also make your gig stand out from the others in the Fiverr search. This will be a great way to bring in new sales.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a must when it comes to selling on Fiverr. For those not in the know, SEO involves building backlinks to a website. In this case, it would involve building backlinks to your gig of choice. It should be noted that it will take time for the links to take effect. Low quality and spammy links should also be avoided. Instead, high quality links should be used. This is a situation whereby there needs to be a small sum of money spent in order to get money back. A great guest post can be purchased below by clicking on "External Link". 

The backlink should be placed in an article that is of exceptionally high quality, as well as it being a dofollow backlink. This means that link juice will be passed from the site that the article is on, to the Fiverr gig. In addition to this, the link should be manually written, and not spun. Spun content is often unreadable. The end result of this is that people will move away from the site and will not click through to the Fiverr gig. This will result in a drop in sales.

Share on Social Media

After a gig has been made on Fiverr, there is the option to immediately share this on social media. Despite this, a lot of people don't carry out this step! It's so important to do this since it will immediately showcase the gig to a lot of people. As is the case with social media, if it is marketed properly, there is a strong chance that it will be shared, and retweeted, re-pinned etc. When this happens, it will be exposed to even more viewers. This is turn further increases the chances of the gig being purchased.

Provide real value for money

Let's take the example of logo design. There are a lot of these available on Fiverr. When a gig has just launched, it shouldn't be excessively higher than gigs that are offering a similar service. If this is the case, people will click onto the gig, but then quickly move away from it again. This will increase the bounce rate of that page, and make it look less desirable to Google. In the early days of a gigs life, the price should be a bit lower; it can always be increased as it becomes more popular.

One thing to remember that some buyer will also try and haggle on Fiverr for a lower price. When a gig has just been launched, it would be advisable to agree to a reduced price. This can be done by creating a custom order for the buyer. The gig would be the same, but the purchase price would be lower. This is a great way to get reviews on the gig to the extent that it ranks not only highly in Google, but also in the Fiverr search pages. However, the reduction in price should not be so excessive that it is the case that it is no longer worthwhile to do the gig if it takes a considerable amount of time to do.

If in doubt, add in some gig extras, such as including the PSD file for logo design. This can be a great way to gain some additional revenue going forward.

Only deliver the highest quality of work

Sometimes Fiverr gets a bit of a bad reputation due to the fact that a lot of sellers will blast through the work and make little to no effort with it. With the fact that Fiverr no longer charges just $5 for a gig, it's crucial that the work that is delivered is great. If substandard work is delivered, the buyer has the right to reject the work, and cancel the order completely. If this is the case, it will actually result in the gig being ranked lower in the Fiverr search pages. 

Likewise, not delivering the work on time will also have the same effect. To get around this, it would make sense to have a longer delivery date. This can be done to offset any potential issues that you may, such as experiencing IT issues and the like.

Fully engage with the buyers

On Fiverr, communication is a really important aspect. When someone does buy a gig, reply to them to thank them for this, as well as telling them that you've started the work. When the work is delivered, be sure to make the delivery message polite and courteous. As a rule of thumb, the buyer should always be thanked for making the order. This will then make them more likely to leave a review, and purchase the same gig in the future. When the buyer is fully engaged, it also makes them more likely to share their feedback about the gig on social media. Again, this can result in an increase of sales.

In addition to this, if the buyer wants to do a bulk order for say, 5 gigs, it would be advised that they are charged for 4. The only downside of this is that under a custom order, it will only result in 1 review and not 4. At the same time though, the money that is gained from this could then be re-invested in SEO as mentioned above.

This is just a small introduction into how more traffic can be generated to a Fiverr gig to get more sales. Spending more time on the platform and coming up with new gig ideas will also help in making sure that the maximum number of sales can be extracted from the site. 

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