Chapter 1

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soo, this is my first story I've I dont expect it to be veryy good...soo enjoy!  


      That summer changed me;  in a way that I don't think anyone else could ever understand. I learned a lot over the summer. I found out that people aren't all that bad, actually, most of them are pretty nice, and that maybe, just maybe, you'll find someone who could change your whole world. It started out a typical summer for me. I'd gotten a job at the local music store and was planing on working there all summer. But since i do live with my mom, who always has something up her sleve, she had to have  something crazy planned. We were sitting at the dinner table, eating in silence. It could have simply stayed that way but of course my mom had a suprise. "Nicole, I just can't hold it in anymore, were going on vacation!" she blurts out.

"what?" I say, nearly choking on my food.

"well sort of, my job was doing a raffle last week, so i entered, and i won a trip to the bahamas!" ok things seemed to be getting better.

"really? that's so cool!" I say in excitment. The Bahamas!

"Yes! i know! but there's a problem, see, it's just a trip for one. I checked how much it would be to take you with me, but the price was insane. so you'll be staying with a family friend of ours." she said. Okay there's the catch. "but, mom! can't I just stay here? I can take care of myself, I'm almost seventeen!" I begged, even though i was almost certain it wouldn't work.

"No, I wouldn't be comfortable leaving you for a whole week alone." she said. I sighed.

"Who am i staying with?" oh god, here it comes....

"Oh, your aunt Bethany." she says.


"You probally don't rember her, you havent seen her since you were around 5 years old."

"Great, i'll be spending a week with a complete stranger, just how I wanted to spend my summer." I said sarcasticly. She ignored my comment and continued.

"Actually, it's not just a week it's going to be the whole summer." she said, and there I was, choking on my food again.

"What! why?" I yelled at her.

"Honey, you really just need to start living life again, ok? I love you, but i think this will be good for your development" she says very seriously.

"Are you kidding me? you sound like your a walking parenting book." Of course she would do this to me. " Do you really hate me sooo much that you'll ship me off to god knows where?" I say, trying to play the guilt card.

"Honey, I don't hate you and you're not even going that far. It's only about an hour away. It'll be fun, trust me." she said. I sighed knowing I had lost this battle. She got up and left the table. I know she hates it when i get angry with her, since were so close, but what did she honestly expect me to do? I take our plates to the sink for the time being. Still in a bit of shock over our conversation, I truge upstairs to my bedroom. I don't even bother changing before I slump into bed, waiting for this nightmare to end......... it didn't.

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