chapter 11~ sorry again

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I was now hiding in the bathroom with my ear against the door trying to listen to what they were saying.....

Alfie: hey

Connor: hey whats up?

Alfie: umm stupid question have you seen marcus?

Connor: yeah he was here earlier

Alfie: do you know were he is?

Connor: no sorry dude I wish I could help but I don't know were he went

Alfie: how long ago did he leave?

Connor: 30 minutes ago

Alfie: I gota find him connor

Connor: oh ok

Alfie: can I use your loo?

Connor: sure

Alfie: thanks

SHIT he was coming into this bathroom. Shit the windows locked theres no askape mabe I can just run past him.

BANG the door opened hitting me right in the head causing me to fall to the ground. So much for running.

Marcus: owwww for fuck sake do you not like my head or something.

Alfie: im soooo sorry wait marcus

Marcus: what?

Alfie: but connor said...

Marcus: connor was supposed to say I wasnt here I asked him to and he was also supposed to keep you AWAY FROM THE BATHROOM.

connor came running in.

Connor: shit sorry marcus forgot you were in here

Marcus: well thanks anyway

Connors phone went off.

Connor: hey


Connor: whats up ricky


Connor: omg im on my way babe

Connor ran out the apartment leaving me and alfie alone. Great.

Alfie: sorry

Marcus: not this again its fine

Alfie: I mean.....

Marcus: no you dont mean anything. This is all my fault not yours.

Alfie: it not your fault

Marcus: realy?

Alfie: yeah it mine

Marcus: no its not

Alfie: yeah it is

Marcus: no its not

Alfie: hahaha

Marcus: whats so funny?

Alfie: we are arguing like 3 year olds

Marcus: your a 3 year old

Alfie: am not

Both: hahaha

Beep beep beep

Alfie looked down at his phone.

Marcus: whos that?

Alfie: casper

Marcus: oh

Alfie: there all worried about us you know non of them know were we are

Marcus: thats intenchnale

Alfie: come on

Marcus: what?

Alfie: I wanna take a selfie with you to say where ok.

Marcus: no choice right?

Alfie: right

He pulled me up off of the bathroom floor and pulled me in front of the mirror.

We both smiled and he took the picture.

Alfie: its posted to instagram,twitter,facebook and tumbler.

Marcus: ok

Alfie: hey wanna play some supersmash bros

Marcus: sure

With that me and alfie started to play super smash bros ignoring everything we should be talking about right now.

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