Looking For Good Times

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There was another door to the room, marked 'Staff Only'. Adrian tried the latch, confirming it was locked. He sat down in a plastic chair and looked over the supplies Dreamland had placed on the table. There were some water bottles, lotion, lubricant, a remote control, and a plastic card with a menu of 'Atmosphere Enhancers' you could activate with the remote.

The door clicked and Caroline walked in to the Joy Room. Adrian jumped up. Closing the door behind her, she walked directly over to him and took his elbow in her hand.

"I'm glad you found me tonight, Adrian," she said. The grip on his elbow seemed incredibly intimate.

She picked up the remote and turned on some soft music.

"Do you come here searching for a long-term relationship?" asked Adrian.

"I do think about that possibility," said Caroline, "but right now I'm thinking we should get to know each other much, much better." She stood beside him and pulled up on the cloth of his robe.

"Let's get comfortable. Why don't you take this off?" she said.

Adrian dragged his robe up over his head. Caroline started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Do you like me?" she asked.

"You're very beautiful," Adrian replied, as she slid his shirt off and let it fall to the floor. She pinched one of his nipples in either hand and pulled him towards her. Her lips met his in a soft kiss. She moved her hands around him and he let himself press against her, his bare skin abraded by the rough cloth of her cloak. A sudden urgency took over their kiss, her lips pressing hard against him and her tongue suddenly invading his mouth and scouring his oral cavity.

Surprised at this intimate invasion, Adrian pulled back. She let him go, and he took a step away, voicing a small gasp.

"Would you like me to undress?" Caroline asked.

Adrian licked his lips. "Yes," he managed.

"You finish what we started, and I'll do the same," she said, gesturing at his pants.

Adrian took off his pants while watching Caroline take off her clothing. It seemed she was down to a pair of pink satin panties in no time, while he still had his fingers in the waistband of his own underwear.

"Don't stop there," she encouraged. They both lowered their undergarments at the same time.

Adrian, attired only in his socks, stood looking at the first real naked human female he'd ever seen. It was a disconcerting sight. Caroline had saggy breasts that hung low on her chest, tipped with reddish nipples and pink aureoles, and marked at the top with stretch marks. Her upper chest and arms were mottled with strange patterns of freckles, covering her skin like orange clouds. She had a plump, protruding tummy which projected out over a wild bush of wiry red pubic hair. Her shoulder-length red hair was also red. Adrian thought he could see an unusual dark lump on her neck between the strands of hair.

"Is that a wart?" he asked, touching his own neck.

"No, it's not a wart. It's a mole," she said.

Adrian looked down at himself. The pale whiteness of his skin reminded him of the underbelly of a fish. His penis had shrivelled up close to his body.

"You know, I think this is a bad idea," he said. He snatched up his clothes and held them in front of himself like a shield. "I'm sorry I led you on, but I don't think I can go through with this."

"Adrian, let me give you a back massage. You'll feel differently if you just relax," said Caroline.

"No, no. I'd better go," said Adrian, pulling on his pants. He'd skipped the underwear and shoved them in a pocket. He managed the shirt quickly as well.

"Sit and have a drink, Adrian. You need to take things slowly," Caroline said. She put on her own shirt, which made her seem less intimidating.

Adrian glanced at her bare legs, which did seem quite shapely. She had more freckles on her calves. He shook his head.

"Sorry, sorry," he mumbled. He snatched up his robe and charged for the door.

"This was a mistake," he said. He yanked the door open, plunged through it, and pulled it shut behind him. He leaned back against it, his heart pounding. Shaking his head to clear it, he began to sort out his robe and put it on. His gloves were missing, but he wasn't going back to find them. He was going home. He would wash his hands when he got there.

He passed by the busy dance floor with barely a glance at the bawdy contortions taking place. Leave them to their unnatural celebrations, he thought. After all, he had a nice pair of fuzzy slippers waiting for him at home. 

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