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The next day we were in the rink at practice. "One. Two. Three. Boom!" Bombay yelled as Dave skated, jumping when he yelled 'boom' most of us started laughing at his pain. Charlie and I looked at each other, both having the same thought as we sighed and shook our heads.

"What are you laughing at cream cheese boy? Let's go!" Bombay said to Greg, causing him to look at the ice in front of him in fear.

Charlie and I now tried to trip each other as coach walked around watching everyone "We're gonna cheat, ya gotta make those falls look real." As Bombay walked around watching everyone trip each other and fall, I decided to have my own conversation with Charlie.

"Doesn't any of this feel wrong to you?" He fell back, giving me a confused look. I helped him up as he answered my question"What do you mean?" I sighed a bit in anger as Charlie and I went back to trying to trip each other.

"Shouldn't we be learning how to play and skate? He shouldn't be teaching us how to cheat."

Charlie let out a sigh as I fell back, coming in contact with the ice, letting out a huff in annoyance I stayed there for a bit. Charlie was quick to skate over to my side, hand out as if to ask me if I need help.

"This is the first coach that has been willing to stay this long or hasn't gotten sent to the hospital. I'd rather just listen to him, even if that means teaching us how to cheat."

I grabbed his hand as he pulled me up, I fell into him as he helped me steady myself, both of his hands wresting on my shoulders. "So your really going to go through with this? Your going to cheat to win?" I asked him.

Sending me a surprised look in response he quickly shook his head"No." glaring at the ice off to the side he continued"God no." Looking back at me, his glare disappeared. Gentle forest green eyes meeting my (e/c) ones, a smile graced his lips"(Y/n), I would never cheat. Hockey is supposed to be fun. And if we cheat like this, it won't be fun anymore. Sure we might have a shot at winning, but I want a fair game. No matter what, win or lose, I don't cheat and will never cheat."

I nodded my head as I sent him a smile"Good. And I won't either. My dad always said that the best games are what you make of them. I'd rather absolutely suck and lose, than cheat and win." Charlie was about to say something when Bombay cut him off.

"Conway, (L/n), stop making goo goo eyes at each other and get back to work!"

A light pink blush coated both of our cheeks in embarrassment, as Charlie let go of my shoulders. One of Charlie's hands rubbed the back of his neck, as I looked everywhere, except at Charlie. After a few seconds Charlie cleared his throat"We should..uh..do the.." I nodded my head, still avoiding Charlie's face as I stared at the ice below me.


Charlie and I both got in position, the rest of the time we tripped each other, was in silence.

"Good. Good. Now say it again"

We stood in two different lines facing each other as Bombay walked between the lines. Connie stood across from me, and Charlie was next to me as we all recited the verse again.

"Take the fall! Act hurt! Get indignant!"

"One more time!"

"Take the fall! Act hurt! Get indignant!"

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